Marino (name)

People surnamed Marino

  • Dan Marino
    Dan Marino
    Daniel Constantine "Dan" Marino, Jr. is a retired American football quarterback who played for the Miami Dolphins in the National Football League...

    , an American football player
  • Eugene Antonio Marino
    Eugene Antonio Marino
    Eugene Antonio Marino was an American Catholic prelate who served as Archbishop of Atlanta, Georgia from 1988 until 1990, becoming the first African American archbishop in United States of America. He was of both African American and Puerto Rican descent.He was also the fourth African American to...

    , an African American archbishop
  • Giambattista Marino, an Italian 17th century poet
  • Giuliana Marino, a German model
  • Frank Marino
    Frank Marino
    Frank Marino , born November 20, 1954, in Montreal, is the guitarist and leader of Canadian hard rock band Mahogany Rush. Often compared to Jimi Hendrix, he is acknowledged as one of the best and most underrated guitarists of the 1970s.-Biography and career:After playing drums since he was five,...

    , a Canadian Rock guitarist
  • Juan Carlos Mariño
    Juan Carlos Mariño
    Juan Carlos Mariño Márquez is a Peruvian football player. He currently plays for Cienciano in Peru.-International career:He has made 16 appearances for the Peru national football team....

    , a Peruvian football (soccer) player
  • Juan Carlos Marino
    Juan Carlos Marino (Argentine politician)
    Juan Carlos Marino is an Argentine Radical Civic Union politician. He sits in the Argentine Senate representing La Pampa Province....

    , an Argentine politician
  • Pedro Mariño de Lobera
    Pedro Mariño de Lobera
    Pedro Mariño de Lobera was a Spanish conquistador and chronicler of the Arauco War in the Kingdom of Chile.-Biography:A professional soldier who served in the war between Spain and France, he went to the Americas in 1545. Mariño joined the forces of Pedro de La Gasca in Havana, Cuba, when he...

    , an early historian and conquistodor in Chile
  • Rebecca Marino
    Rebecca Marino
    Rebecca Marino is a Canadian professional tennis player. On July 11, 2011, she reached her highest WTA singles ranking of 38...

    , a Canadian tennis player
  • Santiago Mariño
    Santiago Mariño
    Santiago Mariño , was a nineteenth-century Venezuelan revolutionary leader and hero in the Venezuelan War of Independence...

     Venezuelan independence leader
  • Steve Marino
    Steve Marino
    Stephen Paul Marino, Jr. is an American professional golfer, a member of the PGA Tour since 2007.-Early life, education, early golf:...

    , an American golfer
  • Vince Marino, A legendary medic from the Battlefield series.

People with Marino as given name

  • Saint Marinus
    Saint Marinus
    Saint Marinus was the founder of the world's oldest surviving republic, San Marino, in 301. Tradition holds that he was a stonemason by trade who came from the island of Rab on the other side of the Adriatic Sea , fleeing persecution for his Christian beliefs in the Diocletianic Persecution...

  • Marino Drake
    Marino Drake
    Marino Drake is a retired Cuban athlete competing in the high jump. He currently works for a university in highjumping.-Achievements:*1995 Central American and Caribbean Championships - gold medal...

    , a Cuban high jumper
  • Marino Marini (sculptor), an Italian sculptor
  • Marino Marini (musician)
    Marino Marini (musician)
    Marino Marini was an Italian popular musician who achieved international success in the 1950s and 1960s.He was born into a family of musicians in Seggiano in the Grosetto region of Italy. After briefly studying electronics, he studied piano, violin and composition at the Conservatorio Rossini at...

    , an Italian musician
  • Marino Morettini
    Marino Morettini
    Marino Morettini was a road bicycle and track cyclist from Italy, who won the silver medal in the men's 1.000m time trial at the 1952 Summer Olympics. At the same Olympic tournament he claimed the gold medal in the men's 4.000m team pursuit, alongside Loris Campana, Mino de Rossi and Guido Messina...

    , an Italian road bicycle and track cyclist
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