Maragua is a town in the Central Province
Central Province (Kenya)
Kenya's Central Province covers an area of 13,191 km² and is located to north of Nairobi and west of Mt. Kenya. The province had 4,383,743 inhabitants according to the 2009 census...

 of Kenya. It is the capital of the Maragua District
Maragua District
Maragua District is one of the seventy-one districts of Kenya, located in the Central Province. Its capital is the town of Maragua. Maragua District has a population of 387,969 and an area of 868 km²...

. The town is located along Thika
Thika is an industrial town in Central Province, Kenya, lying on the A2 road 40 km north east of Nairobi, near the confluence of Thika River & Chania River. Thika has a population of 200,000and is growing rapidly, as is the entire greater Nairobi area...

Sagana is a small town in Kirinyaga District, Central, Kenya. It is along the Nairobi-Nyeri highway, 100 kilometres north of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. Its name comes from Kenyas longest river, Tana River which is also called Thagana.- See also :...

 road just 10 km south of Murang'a
Murang'a is a town in Central Province of Kenya. The town was previously called Fort Hall. It is the administrative centre of Murang'a District and is mainly inhabited by the Kikuyu community....

. Maragua town has an urban population of 4,286 and a total population of 27,384 (1999 census Norwegian-Kenyan singer Stella Mwangi
Stella Mwangi
Stella Nyambura Mwangi is a Norwegian-Kenyan singer, songwriter and rapper. Mwangi writes a lot of her music about the situation in her home country Kenya, also about discrimination both Stella and her family had to go through after moving to Norway in 1991...

was born in Maragua.
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