A mantinada, — are Cretan rhyming couplets, typically improvised during dance music
Music of Crete
The music of Crete is a traditional form of Greek folk music called κρητικά . The lyra is the dominant folk instrument on the island; there are three-stringed and four-stringed versions of this bowed string instrument, closely related to the medieval Byzantine lyra. It is often accompanied by the...

. Rhymed Cretan poetry of the Renaissance, especially verse epic Erotokritos
Erotokritos is a romance composed by Vikentios Kornaros in early 17th century Crete. It consists of 10,012 fifteen-syllable rhymed verses....

, are reminiscent of the mantinada, and couplets from Erotokritos have become used as mantinades. Mantinades have either love or satire as their topics. They are invariably composed in dekapentasyllabos verse and are often antiphonal, i.e. a verse elicits a response and this leads to another response and so on.

The word is derived from Venetian matinada, "morning song".

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