Manpower may refer to:
  • Human resources
    Human resources
    Human resources is a term used to describe the individuals who make up the workforce of an organization, although it is also applied in labor economics to, for example, business sectors or even whole nations...

  • Manpower Inc.
    Manpower Inc.
    ManpowerGroup is a workforce solutions and services provider company headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States. It was established by Elmer Winter and Aaron Scheinfeld in 1948. It was acquired by Blue Arrow of Britain in 1987, but became independent again in 1991.The directors include...

    , an international employment agency, headquartered in the United States
  • Manpower Incorporated, a criminal enterprise in the Honor Harrington science fiction series
  • Manpower Directorate, an Israeli governmental organization
  • Manpower Directorate (Australia)
    Manpower Directorate (Australia)
    The Manpower Directorate was a division of the Government of Australia established in January, 1942 to be responsible for active service and support industry recruitment during World War II to combat labor shortages in strategic areas. The agency had extensive power and reach in furtherance of this...

    , a division of the Australian government responsible for personnel recruitment during World War II

In entertainment:
  • Manpower (1941 film)
    Manpower (1941 film)
    Manpower is a 1941 film about power company linemen starring Edward G. Robinson, Marlene Dietrich, and George Raft. The memorable posters for the movie proclaimed, "Robinson - He's mad about Dietrich. Dietrich - She's mad about Raft...

    , starring Edward G. Robinson, Marlene Dietrich, and George Raft
  • Manpower (1942 film), a propaganda short produced by the U.S. government
  • Manpower (album)
    Manpower (album)
    Manpower is an album by Miquel Brown, recorded in 1983. Includes the major international hits "So Many Men, So Little Time" and "He's a Saint, He's a Sinner" which peaked at number two and number twenty-nine respectively as well as the moderate hits "Beeline" and "Sunny Day.""So Many Men, So...

    , a Hi-NRG album by Miquel Brown
  • "The Manpower!!!
    The Manpower!!!
    is the twenty-fifth single of Japanese pop idol group Morning Musume. It also served as the last single of the last founding member of the group Kaori Iida....

    ", a song by Morning Musume
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