Makario Stadium
Makario Stadium is an all seater Multi-purpose stadium
Multi-purpose stadium
Multi-purpose stadiums are a type of stadium designed in such a way as to be easily used by multiple sports. While any stadium could potentially host more than one sport, this concept usually refers to a specific design philosophy that stresses multi-functionality over specificity...

 in Nicosia
Nicosia from , known locally as Lefkosia , is the capital and largest city in Cyprus, as well as its main business center. Nicosia is the only divided capital in the world, with the southern and the northern portions divided by a Green Line...

, Cyprus
Cyprus , officially the Republic of Cyprus , is a Eurasian island country, member of the European Union, in the Eastern Mediterranean, east of Greece, south of Turkey, west of Syria and north of Egypt. It is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea.The earliest known human activity on the...

. It was the largest and main sports venue of the capital up to the construction of the new GSP stadium in 1999. At present it is mostly used for football
Football (soccer)
Association football, more commonly known as football or soccer, is a sport played between two teams of eleven players with a spherical ball...

 matches and is the home ground of Digenis Morphou
Digenis Morphou
Digenis Akritas Morphou is a Cypriot sports club from Morphou, founded on April 23, 1931. The club takes its name from the medieval Greek hero Digenis Akritas who is depicted on the club's emblem...

 and Ethnikos Assia
Ethnikos Assia
Ethnikos Assia is a Cyprus football team currently playing in the Cypriot Second Division. The team was established in Assia, Famagusta, but since the Turkish invasion of 1974, Ethnikos became a refugee team. The club is now based in the capital Nicosia and play their home games at the Makario...

. The stadium holds 16,000 seated spectators. The playing field is surrounded by a running track and can be adapted to hold most track and field events. Apart from corporate boxes and the press centre there are no coverings for spectators.

It is build in the Nicosia suburb of Makedonitissa in close proximity to the grounds of the Cyprus State Fair
Cyprus State Fairs Authority
The Cyprus State Fairs Authority was established in 1968 as a semi-government organization in order to run and promote the annual Cyprus International Fair. It has since expanded and runs several annual and biannual events such as the education fair, and the Cyprus motor show.The largest event the...

 with which it shares a large car park.

Over the years it has served as the home ground for Nicosia teams such as AC Omonia
AC Omonia
Athletic Club Omonoia Nicosia is a professional football club that plays in the Cyprus capital city Nicosia. The club was established in 1948 and became a member of the Cyprus Football Association in 1953...

, APOEL and Olympiakos
Olympiakos Nicosia
Olympiakos Nicosia is a football club in the Cypriot capital of Nicosia. The club was founded in 1931. It is a founding member of the Cyprus Football Association. The club colors are black and green. Olympiakos's home ground is the New GSP Stadium of 23,400 seat capacity...

. The Cypriot national team
Cyprus national football team
The Cyprus national football team represents Cyprus in association football and is controlled by the Cyprus Football Association, the governing body for football in Cyprus. Cyprus' home ground is the GSP Stadium in Nicosia and the current coach is Nikos Nioplias...

 has also played home matches there in the past. All these teams have now relocated to the New GSP stadium.

The Makario was built in 1978 and is named after Makarios III
Makarios III
Makarios III , born Andreas Christodolou Mouskos , was the archbishop and primate of the autocephalous Cypriot Orthodox Church and the first President of the Republic of Cyprus ....

, the Ethnarch of Cyprus; Archbishop and first President of Cyprus. It has hosted many Cypriot Cup and Super Cup finals and was the main venue for the 1989 Games of the Small States of Europe
1989 Games of the Small States of Europe
The 3rd Games of the Small States of Europe were held in 1989 by the Republic of Cyprus. The majority of events including the opening and closing ceremonies took place at the Makario Stadium the whilst the indoor events were held at the Lefkotheo indoor hall....

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