Magha may refer to:
  • Magha (month) (māgha, माघ), a month in the Hindu calendar
  • Magh (Bengali calendar)
    Magh (Bengali calendar)
    Magh is the 10th month in the Bangla Calendar. This is the last month of the winter season.-Festivals:* Maghi Purnima , a Buddhist festival* Suryavrata, a festival observed by Hindu women, on the first day of Magh....

    , the same month in the Bengali calendar
  • Magha (poet)
    Magha (poet)
    Magha was a Sanskrit poet at King Varmalata's court at Srimala, the-then capital of Gujarat . Magha was son of Dattaka Sarvacharya and grandson of Suprabhadeva...

     (māgha, माघ), an 8th century Sanskrit poet, who wrote Shishupala-vadha
  • Magha (nakshatra) (maghā, मघा), a nakshatra (star or division of the sky) in Indian astronomy or astrology
  • Magha Puja
    Magha Puja
    Māgha Pūjā or Makha Bucha is an important Buddhist festival celebrated in Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos on the full moon day of the third lunar month . The third lunar month is known in the Thai language as Makha ; Bucha is also a Thai word , meaning "to venerate" or "to honor"...

     (Māgha Pūjā), the Thai Buddhist festival
  • Kalinga Magha
    Kalinga Magha
    Magha , also known as Kalinga Magha and Magha the Tyrant, is a medieval king of Sri Lanka who is remembered primarily for his tyrannical and oppressive rule. Magha invaded the country from Kalinga in eastern India, usurping the throne from Parakrama Pandya, in 1215...

    a king of Sri Lanka
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