Magdalena Contreras
La Magdalena Contreras is one of the 16 delegaciones (boroughs) into which Mexico
The United Mexican States , commonly known as Mexico , is a federal constitutional republic in North America. It is bordered on the north by the United States; on the south and west by the Pacific Ocean; on the southeast by Guatemala, Belize, and the Caribbean Sea; and on the east by the Gulf of...

's Federal District is divided. It had a 2010 census population of 239,086 inhabitants, and is the third-least populous of Mexico City's boroughs. It lies at an elevation of 2,365 m. above sea level.

The 1847 Battle of Padierna (aka Battle of Contreras) was fought here.


The lower elevations up to 2,900 masl have a mild climate with a median temperature around 15.5°C (60°F) and high rainfall averaging 959 mm (37.7 inches) annually. Higher regions, for instance Los Dinamos National Park, covered with pine-oak forests, between 2,900 and 3,500 meters are cooler and wetter, averaging near 13°C (55°F) and rainfall (which during rare winter wet days might fall as snow) reaches above 1,100 mm (45 in). At even higher elevations (around 3,700 meters) the weather is rather constantly cold, averaging only 8°C (46°F) and the greatest rainfall of the borough. The following chart explains the climate of Presa Anzaldo in the urbanized region of Magdalena Contreras, the lowest and warmest of it. The chart below is illustrative of the cooler higher portions, in this example at Monte Alegre.
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