Lusail is the newest planned city in Qatar
Qatar , also known as the State of Qatar or locally Dawlat Qaṭar, is a sovereign Arab state, located in the Middle East, occupying the small Qatar Peninsula on the northeasterly coast of the much larger Arabian Peninsula. Its sole land border is with Saudi Arabia to the south, with the rest of its...

, located on the coast, in the northern part of the municipality of
Al Kheisa. Lusail is located about 15 km north of the city centre of Doha
Doha is the capital city of the state of Qatar. Located on the Persian Gulf, it had a population of 998,651 in 2008, and is also one of the municipalities of Qatar...

, just north of the West Bay Lagoon
West Bay Lagoon
West Bay Lagoon also known as Al Qutaifiya is a neighborhood of Doha, Qatar.Reaching from Doha Corniche to west bay lagoon the area has a variety of accommodations and lifestyle options. The area is smart and rather impressive with massive villas on one side and sky-scraping high rises on the other...

, on over 35 km² and eventually provide accommodation for up to 250,000 people. It has marinas, residential areas, island resorts, commercial districts, luxury shopping and leisure facilities, including two golf courses and an entertainment
Entertainment consists of any activity which provides a diversion or permits people to amuse themselves in their leisure time. Entertainment is generally passive, such as watching opera or a movie. Active forms of amusement, such as sports, are more often considered to be recreation...

 district. Construction is still ongoing. It is being developed by the state-controlled developer Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company as well as Parsons Corporation
Parsons Corporation
Parsons Corporation is an engineering, construction, and technical and management services firm headquartered in Pasadena, California. Founded in 1944 by engineer Ralph M. Parsons, Parsons Corporation is currently one of the largest such companies in the United States, with revenues exceeding...

The new Lusail Iconic Stadium
Lusail Iconic Stadium
Lusail Iconic Stadium is a proposed football stadium which will be built in Lusail, Qatar in time for the final of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.The stadium will be used for the opening and final games of the 2022 FIFA World Cup....

, with a capacity of 86,250, will host the opening and final matches of the 2022 FIFA World Cup
2022 FIFA World Cup
The 2022 FIFA World Cup will be the 22nd FIFA World Cup, an international association football tournament that is scheduled to take place in 2022 in Qatar. The competition is scheduled to take place in June and July, although proposals have been made for a winter season. The tournament will involve...

. To be located in Lusail, the stadium takes its inspiration from the sail of a traditional dhow boat and is surrounded by water. After the FIFA World Cup, the stadium will be used to host other spectacular sporting and cultural events.

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