Luminal may refer to:
  • A trade name for the anti-epileptic drug phenobarbital
    Phenobarbital or phenobarbitone is a barbiturate, first marketed as Luminal by Friedr. Bayer et comp. It is the most widely used anticonvulsant worldwide, and the oldest still commonly used. It also has sedative and hypnotic properties but, as with other barbiturates, has been superseded by the...

  • Luminal (film)
    Luminal (film)
    Luminal is the debut film from Italian director Andrea Vecchiato.Named after the drug phenobarbitone, the film is based on the cult novel by Italian writer Isabella Santacroce...

    , a 2004 film by Italian director Andrea Vecchiato starring Denis Lavant
  • In biology, pertaining to the lumen
    Lumen (anatomy)
    A lumen in biology is the inside space of a tubular structure, such as an artery or intestine...

    , the interior of a hollow structure
  • A misspelling of the chemical luminol
    Luminol is a versatile chemical that exhibits chemiluminescence, with a striking blue glow, when mixed with an appropriate oxidizing agent...

    , commonly used in forensics
  • A trade name of a polyethylene greenhouse cover film with enhanced optical and thermal properties.
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