Lumen can mean:
  • Lumen (unit)
    Lumen (unit)
    The lumen is the SI derived unit of luminous flux, a measure of the total "amount" of visible light emitted by a source. Luminous flux differs from power in that luminous flux measurements reflect the varying sensitivity of the human eye to different wavelengths of light, while radiant flux...

    , the SI unit of luminous flux
  • Lumen (anatomy)
    Lumen (anatomy)
    A lumen in biology is the inside space of a tubular structure, such as an artery or intestine...

    , the cavity or channel within a tubular structure
  • Thylakoid lumen, the inner membrane space of the chloroplast
  • Phenobarbital
    Phenobarbital or phenobarbitone is a barbiturate, first marketed as Luminal by Friedr. Bayer et comp. It is the most widely used anticonvulsant worldwide, and the oldest still commonly used. It also has sedative and hypnotic properties but, as with other barbiturates, has been superseded by the...

     (trade name)
  • 141 Lumen
    141 Lumen
    141 Lumen is a dark , large rocky asteroid 130 km in diameter orbiting in the main belt near the Eunomia family of asteroids. It is not, however, physically related to the group, being of the wrong spectral class...

    , an asteroid discovered by the French astronomer Paul Henry in 1875
  • Lumen (band)
    Lumen (band)
    Lumen is a Russian rock band from Ufa first formed by a young boy named Michael, known as the "Man". They combine punk rock with traditional Russian rock. The band considers February 12, 1998 as their birthday...

    , Russian alternative rock band
  • Lumen Pierce
    Lumen Pierce
    Lumen Ann Pierce is a fictional character portrayed by Julia Stiles in the fifth season of the Showtime television series Dexter. Lumen is introduced in the third episode of the fifth season as a rape victim of Boyd Fowler...

    , a fictional character played by Julia Stiles from the television series Dexter
  • Lumen (branding agency)
    Lumen (branding agency)
    Lumen is a Milan-based multi-disciplined creative and design consulting agency, founded by Pietro Rovatti and Drew Smith in 2003.-History:Lumen has been founded in 2003 by the Canadian-born Drew Charles Smith, considered to be one of the foremost experts in consumer branding and packaging, and the...

    , a design and branding company headquartered in Milan, Italy
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