Louis d'Armagnac, Duke of Nemours
Louis d'Armagnac, Duke of Nemours (1472, Normandy
Normandy is a geographical region corresponding to the former Duchy of Normandy. It is in France.The continental territory covers 30,627 km² and forms the preponderant part of Normandy and roughly 5% of the territory of France. It is divided for administrative purposes into two régions:...

; April 28, 1503, Cerignola
Cerignola is a town and comune of Apulia, Italy, in the province of Foggia, 40 km southeast from the town of Foggia. It has the third-largest land area of any comune in Italy, at 593.71 km², after Rome and Ravenna.-History:...

, Italy), known for most of his life as the Count of Guise, was the third son of Jacques d'Armagnac, Duke of Nemours
Jacques d'Armagnac, Duke of Nemours
Jacques d'Armagnac, duke of Nemours was the son of Bernard d'Armagnac, count of Pardiac, and Eleanor of Bourbon-La Marche....

 and Louise of Anjou.

In 1491, he was made Count of Guise, a title last held by his uncle Charles IV, Duke of Anjou
Charles IV, Duke of Anjou
Charles IV, Duke of Anjou, also Charles of Maine, Count of Le Maine and Guise was the son of the Angevin prince Charles of Le Maine, Count of Maine, who was the youngest son of Louis II of Anjou and Yolande of Aragon, Queen of Four Kingdoms.He succeeded his father as Count of Maine, Guise, Mortain...

. Upon the death of his elder brother Jean
Jean d'Armagnac, Duke of Nemours
Jean d'Armagnac, Duke of Nemours was the son of Jacques d'Armagnac, Duke of Nemours and Louise of Anjou. His father's possessions were confiscated on his execution in 1477, but Jean was restored to Nemours and the family's other lands in 1484. He led a dissipated life, and his siblings sued him to...

 in 1500, he became Duke of Nemours
Duke of Nemours
In the 12th and 13th centuries the Lordship of Nemours, in the Gatinais, France, was in possession of the house of Villebeon, a member of which, Gautier, was marshal of France in the middle of the 13th century...

. He fought in the Italian Wars
Italian Wars
The Italian Wars, often referred to as the Great Italian Wars or the Great Wars of Italy and sometimes as the Habsburg–Valois Wars, were a series of conflicts from 1494 to 1559 that involved, at various times, most of the city-states of Italy, the Papal States, most of the major states of Western...

 and was made viceroy
A viceroy is a royal official who runs a country, colony, or province in the name of and as representative of the monarch. The term derives from the Latin prefix vice-, meaning "in the place of" and the French word roi, meaning king. A viceroy's province or larger territory is called a viceroyalty...

 of Naples
Naples is a city in Southern Italy, situated on the country's west coast by the Gulf of Naples. Lying between two notable volcanic regions, Mount Vesuvius and the Phlegraean Fields, it is the capital of the region of Campania and of the province of Naples...

 in 1501. He was defeated and killed at the battle of Cerignola
Battle of Cerignola
The Battle of Cerignola was fought on April 28, 1503, between Spanish and French armies, in Cerignola, next Bari, Southern Italy. It is noted as the first battle in history won by gunpowder small arms....

, April 28, 1503.
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