Louis Malvy
Louis-Jean Malvy was the Interior Minister of France in 1914.


He was born on December 1, 1875 in Figeac
Figeac is a commune in the Lot department in south-western France.Figeac is a sub-prefecture of the department.-History:Figeac is on the via Podiensis, a major hiking medieval pilgrimage trail which is part of the Way of St. James...

 in 1875. He was a member of the Radical Party and served in the Chamber of Deputies
Chamber of Deputies of France
Chamber of Deputies was the name given to several parliamentary bodies in France in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries:* 1814–1848 during the Bourbon Restoration and the July Monarchy, the Chamber of Deputies was the Lower chamber of the French Parliament, elected by census suffrage.*...

 in 1906.

He was charged with treason in 1918, and exiled for 5 years. He died on June 10, 1949 of a heart attack.
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