• Arthur Louis
    Arthur Louis
    Arthur Louis is of British nationality. His surname is pronounced as luːɪs in British and American English and he is known as a guitarist, vocalist and songwriter. In his late teens he attended Michigan State University where he joined and toured extensivly withTerminal Stations...

     (born 1950), British musician whose surname is pronounced 'Lewis'
  • Thomas Louis
    Thomas Louis
    Rear-Admiral Sir Thomas Louis, 1st Baronet was an officer of the British Royal Navy who served in three wars and saw numerous actions, notably as one of Horatio Nelson's "Band of Brothers" in the Mediterranean in 1798 who commanded ships at the Battle of the Nile...

     (1758-1807), British naval officer
  • Pierre Louÿs
    Pierre Louÿs
    Pierre Louÿs was a French poet and writer, most renowned for lesbian and classical themes in some of his writings. He is known as a writer who "expressed pagan sensuality with stylistic perfection."-Life:...

     (1870-1925), French writer
  • Spyridon Louis (1873-1940), Greek runner
  • Morris Louis (1912-1962), American painter
  • Jean Louis
    Jean Louis
    Jean Louis was a French-born, Hollywood costume designer and an Academy Award winner for Costume Design. Louis worked as head designer for Columbia Pictures from 1944 to 1960...

     (1907-1997), French-born costume designer

Other uses

  • Louis (given name), origin and several individuals with this name
  • Louis (coin)
  • Louis (singer) (1952–2011), Serbian singer
  • HMS Louis
    HMS Louis
    Two ships of the Royal Navy have been named HMS Louis, after Rear-Admiral Sir Thomas Louis: was a Laforey-class destroyer, built as HMS Talisman, but renamed before being launched in 1913. She was wrecked in 1915. was a Captain-class frigate launched in 1943 and transferred to the Royal Navy under...

    , two ships of the Royal Navy

See also

  • Louis XIV (band)
    Louis XIV (band)
    Louis XIV was an American rock band from San Diego, California.-Beginnings: :Lead singer/guitarist Jason Hill, guitarist Brian Karscig, and drummer Mark Maigaard formed the group in April 2003 while living in Paris, France. Bassist James Armbrust soon joined after.Louis XIV, the band's first album,...

  • Louis dressing
    Louis dressing
    Louis dressing is a salad dressing based on mayonnaise, to which has been added red chili sauce, minced green onions, and minced green chili peppers. It is commonly used as a dressing for salads featuring seafood, such as a Crab or Shrimp Louis.The origin of the dressing is disputed...

    , for salad
  • Louis Quinze
    Louis Quinze
    The Louis XV style or Louis Quinze was a French Rococo style in the decorative arts, and, to a lesser degree, architecture.Datable to the personal reign of Louis XV , the style was characterised by supreme craftsmanship and the integration of the arts of cabinetmaking, painting, and...

    , design style
  • Louis Cruise Lines
    Louis Cruise Lines
    Louis Cruises is a Cyprus-based cruise line that operates cruises from Cyprus, France, Italy, India and Greece . The company also charters several ships to Thomson Cruises...

  • Lewis (disambiguation)
    Lewis (disambiguation)
    Lewis is the Anglicised form of "Leòdhas", the Scottish Gaelic name for the northern part of the island of Lewis and Harris. It may also be an anglicised version of the French "Louis" or the Hebrew "Levi".Lewis may also refer to:-United States places:...

  • Louie (disambiguation)
  • Luis (disambiguation)
  • Louise (disambiguation)
  • Ludwig (given name)
    Ludwig (given name)
    Ludwig is an Old High German given name. Etymologically, the name can be traced back to the Germanic name Hludwig, composed of Hlud/Hluth meaning "famous", and Wig meaning "warrior"...

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