Locations of Kenya

Locations are a type of administrative region in Kenya
Kenya , officially known as the Republic of Kenya, is a country in East Africa that lies on the equator, with the Indian Ocean to its south-east...

. Location are a fourth level subdivision below Provinces, Districts
Districts of Kenya
The provinces of Kenya are subdivided into number of districts .- List of districts of Kenya :Following a High Court ruling in September 2009, there are 46 legal districts in Kenya :Coast Province:...

 and Divisions
Divisions of Kenya
||The districts of Kenya are divided into 262 divisions . Divisions of Kenya are further subdivided into locations. The divisions are listed below, by district:-Baringo District:*Kabarnet*Kabartonjo*Marigat*Mochongoi*Mogotio*Nginyang...

. Locations are further subdivided into Sub-locations . As of 1999 census there were 2,427 locations and 6,612 sublocations in Kenya .

Each division in Kenya is divided into some locations. Locations do often, but not necessarily, coincide with electoral wards. Locations are usually named after their central villages/towns. Many larger towns consist of several locations.

Each location has a chief, appointed by the state.
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