Local government in Pakistan
The 2001 Local Government Ordinance provides for devolution of government to district administrations. (Districts
Districts of Pakistan
The Districts of Pakistan are the second order administrative divisions of Pakistan. Districts were the third order of administrative divisions, below provinces and "divisions", until the reforms of August 2000, when "divisions" were abolished...

 are the third tier of government, being sub-divisions of provinces. Prior to the Local Government Ordnance they were known as sub-divisions.) Each district administration is headed by a District Coordinating Officer (DCO] and a Zila Nazim.

The District Coordination Officer is the administrative head of the District Administration. They have wide-ranging responsibility for overseeing, improving and directing the approved plans of the District Government.

The Zila Nazim is the executive head of the District Administration. Their role is similar to district governor
A governor is a governing official, usually the executive of a non-sovereign level of government, ranking under the head of state...

 or prefect
Prefect is a magisterial title of varying definition....

, with responsibility for implementing government strategy and developing initiatives arising out of it.

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    Sialkot District Government
    The Sialkot District Government in Pakistan is headed by the District Nazim and assisted by Naib Nazim who is also speaker of District Council. District Nazim is elected by the nazims of union councils, union councillors and by tehsil nazims, who themselves are elected directly by the votes of the...

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