List of radio stations in Distrito Federal
This is a list of the radio stations in the Mexican Federal District that are found on the FM
FM broadcasting
FM broadcasting is a broadcasting technology pioneered by Edwin Howard Armstrong which uses frequency modulation to provide high-fidelity sound over broadcast radio. The term "FM band" describes the "frequency band in which FM is used for broadcasting"...

 and AM
AM broadcasting
AM broadcasting is the process of radio broadcasting using amplitude modulation. AM was the first method of impressing sound on a radio signal and is still widely used today. Commercial and public AM broadcasting is carried out in the medium wave band world wide, and on long wave and short wave...

 bands. Pirate radio
Pirate radio
Pirate radio is illegal or unregulated radio transmission. The term is most commonly used to describe illegal broadcasting for entertainment or political purposes, but is also sometimes used for illegal two-way radio operation...

 stations have not been included in the list.

FM stations

Frequency Station Name
88.1 XHRED-FM Radio Red FM
88.9 XHM-FM 88.9 Noticias
89.7 XEOYE-FM Oye 89.7
90.5 XEDA-FM
XEDA is a Spanish-language Talk format FM radio station that serves the Mexico City, Mexico area. XEDA is the flagship station of the Imagen Radio network which is available to other Mexican cities through affiliates....

XHUIA-FM or Ibero 90.9 Radio, is a permitted radio station that operates since 2002. It is sponsored by the Iberoamericana University, based in Mexico City.- History :The transmission goes widely through Mexico City and the internet...

Ibero 90.9
XHFAJ-FM is a radio station that plays music for teenagers in Mexico City. IT's a Top 40/CHR format radio station.- History :...

Alfa 91.3
92.1 XHFO-FM
XHFO-FM, also called Universal Stereo, is a radio station that plays music from the 1950s through to the 1980s in the English language to listeners in Mexico....

Universal Stereo
92.9 XEQ-FM Ke Buena
93.7 XEJP-FM Stereo Joya
94.5 XHIMER-FM Opus
95.3 XHSH-FM Amor 95.3
XHUPC-FM also known as El Politécnico en Radio, is a radio station located in Mexico City, operated by the Superior School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Culhuacán, one of the schools of the National Polytechnic Institute....

El Politécnico en Radio
96.1 XEUN-FM Radio UNAM
96.9 XEW-FM W Radio
97.7 XERC-FM Stereo 97.7
98.5 XHDL-FM
XHDL-FM or Radioactivo 98.5 was a Mexico City commercial radio station, transmitting rock music and Hip hop format from 1992 to 2004. It used to transmit on 98.5 FM until bought by Grupo Imagen by Olegario Vazquez Raña....

Reporte 98.5
XHPOP-FM, better known as Digital 99.3, is a radio station in Mexico City that broadcasts pop, dance, hip hop, and reggaeton music.- History :...

Digital 99
100.1 XHMM-FM Stereo Cien
100.9 XHSON-FM
XHSON-FM also known as Beat 100.9, is a dance Top 40 station that serves the Mexico City Area. It offers a current-based mix of dance music, with Top 40 and R&B remixes, Its city of license is Santa Fe , and it is owned by NRM Comunicaciones....

Beat 100.9
101.7 XEX-FM Los 40 Principales
102.5 XHMVS-FM MVS 102.5
103.3 XERFR-FM Radio Fórmula Cadena Nacional
104.1 XEDF-FM Radio Fórmula Cadena Radio Uno
104.9 XHEXA-FM
XHEXA-FM is an Exa FM formatted top 40 radio station that serves Mexico City and states surrounding the federal district. It is owned by MVS Radio. The station transmits at 104.9 MHz FM at at power of 180,000 watts.- External links :* -References:...

Exa FM
105.7 XHOF-FM
XHOF-FM, also known as Reactor 105.7, is a radio station in Mexico City that plays alternative rock music, and hip hop mainly in English and Spanish.- History :...

106.5 XHDFM-FM Mix 106.5
107.3 XEQR-FM La Z
107.9 XHIMR-FM Horizonte

MW Stations

Frequency Station Name
560 XEOC-AM La Mejor AM
590 XEPH-AM Sabrosita 590
620 XENK-AM Radio 620
660 XEDTL-AM Radio Ciudadana
690 XEN-AM La 69
710 XEMP-AM 7 Diez
730 XEX-AM
Estadio W is a 100 kW all-sports radio station based in Mexico City, Mexico. The sports format started in 1999 as "Super Deportiva" on 1180 AM; later, it moved to 830 AM and 590 AM...

Estadio W
760 XEABC-AM ABC Radio
790 XERC-AM Formato 21
830 XEITE-AM Radio Capital
860 XEUN-AM Radio UNAM
900 XEW-AM
XEW-AM is a radio station in Mexico City, Mexico. It is branded as W-Radio and its slogan is La voz de la América Latina desde México or "The voice of Latin America from Mexico."It began regular broadcasts at 20:00 CST on 18 September 1930...

W Radio
940 XEQ-AM
XEQ-AM, also known as Bésame , is a Mexican clear-channel station on 940 kHz and licensed for Mexico City. It is licensed to Cadena Radiodifusora Mexicana, S.A. de C.V. and operated by Radiópilis, a company owned by Televisa Radio and PRISA's Unión Radio.XEQ-AM is licensed domestically in...

La Q
970 XERFR-AM Radio Fórmula Cadena Nacional
1000 XEOY-AM Radio Mil
1030 XEQR-AM Radio Centro
1060 XEEP-AM
XEEP-AM is a radio station based in Mexico City and airing Spanish language educational programming on 1060 kHz, a North American clear-channel frequency...

Radio Educación
1080 XETUL-AM Radio Mexiquense
1110 XERED-AM Radio Red AM
1150 XEJP-AM El Fonógrafo
1180 XEFR-AM Radio Felicidad
1220 XEB-AM
XEB-AM is a radio station on AM frequency 1220 kHz, serving Mexico City and surrounding areas in Mexico. It airs a Spanish language classic contemporary format with music from the 1940s to the 1970s...

La B Grande
1260 XEL-AM La 1260 AM
1290 XEDA-AM
XEDA-AM is a radio station in Mexico City, Mexico.Its current transmission frequency is 1290 kHz.- Programs :Monday to Friday05:00 "El Intenso Gudinni", with Fredy Gudinni.06:00 "Radio 13 Noticias", with Javier Solórzano....

Radio Trece
1320 XENET-AM Radio Monitor
1350 XEQK-AM Tropicalísima 13 50
1380 XECO-AM Romántica
1410 XEBS-AM La Más Perrona
1440 XEEST-AM Cambio 14 40
1470 XEAI-AM Radio Fórmula 14 70
1500 XEDF-AM Radio Fórmula Cadena Radio Uno
1530 XEUR-AM Radio Fiesta
1590 XEVOZ-AM La Mexicana 1590

SW Stations

Frequency Station Name
4800 XERTA-OC Radio Transcontinental de América
6010 XEOI-OC Radio Mil
6185 XEPPM-OC Radio Educación Onda Corta
9600 XEYU-OC Radio UNAM
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