List of environmental engineers
This is a list of notable environmental engineers
Environmental engineering
Environmental engineering is the application of science and engineering principles to improve the natural environment , to provide healthy water, air, and land for human habitation and for other organisms, and to remediate polluted sites...

  • Ellen Swallow Richards
    Ellen Swallow Richards
    Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards was the foremost female industrial and environmental chemist in the United States in the 19th century, pioneering the field of home economics. Richards graduated from Westford Academy...

    , known as the first female environmental engineer.
  • G. D. Agrawal
    G. D. Agrawal
    Dr. G. D. Agrawal is a respected doyen of environmental engineers in India. After a long career, he continues to teach and inspire students as an Honorary Professor of Environmental Sciences at the Mahatma Gandhi Chitrakoot Gramodaya Vishwavidyalaya, in Chitrakoot, Madhya Pradesh...

  • Braden Allenby
    Braden Allenby
    Braden R. Allenby is an American environmental scientist, environmental attorney and Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and of Law, at Arizona State University.- Biography :...

  • Ashraf Choudhary
    Ashraf Choudhary
    Dr Ashraf Choudhary, QSO, is a Pakistani-New Zealand scientist in agricultural engineering and a member of the Parliament in New Zealand. He is a member of the Labour Party, and is New Zealand's first MP from South Asia and Pakistan....

  • Marc Edwards (civil engineering professor)
    Marc Edwards (civil engineering professor)
    Marc Edwards is a civil engineering/environmental engineer and the Charles P. Lunsford Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Virginia Tech....

  • Robert A. Gearheart
    Robert A. Gearheart
    Robert A. Gearheart is an emeritus professor of Environmental Engineering at Humboldt State University, in Arcata, California.Dr...

  • Alfred Stowell Jones
    Alfred Stowell Jones
    Lieutenant Colonel Alfred Stowell Jones VC was an English recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces....

  • Sudhakar Kesavan
    Sudhakar Kesavan
    Sudhakar Kesavan is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ICF International. He is a recognized leader in the technology industry and environmental solutions business.-Career:...

  • Joseph Lstiburek
    Joseph Lstiburek
    Joseph Lstiburek, B.A.Sc., M.Eng., Ph.D., P.Eng., is a forensic engineer who investigates building failures. His authority on moisture-related building problems and indoor air quality is internationally recognized...

  • George Pinder
    George Pinder
    George Pinder is a Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering with a secondary appointment in Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Vermont...

  • Zaini Ujang
    Zaini Ujang
    Zaini Ujang is a Malaysian professor of environmental engineering and vice-chancellor of the Technological University of Malaysia. Ujang, noted as an expert in drinking water management and safety, was described by New Straits Times daily as “a Malaysian water icon” in 2004...

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