List of cemeteries in Fergus County, Montana
There are at least 29 named cemeteries
A cemetery is a place in which dead bodies and cremated remains are buried. The term "cemetery" implies that the land is specifically designated as a burying ground. Cemeteries in the Western world are where the final ceremonies of death are observed...

 in Fergus County, Montana
Fergus County, Montana
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. Some cemeteries are considered historical by the U.S. Board on Geographic Names: Historical Features – Features that no longer exist on the landscape or no longer serve the original purpose.
  • Bear Springs Cemetery, location unknown
  • Beaver Creek Cemetery, 46°57′04"N 109°32′26"W, el. 4321 feet (1,317 m)
  • Calvary Cemetery, 47°04′34"N 109°25′18"W, el. 3989 feet (1,215.8 m)
  • Coffee Creek Cemetery, 47°21′30"N 110°05′06"W, el. 3681 feet (1,122 m)
  • Danvers Cemetery, 47°13′45"N 109°43′06"W, el. 3550 feet (1,082 m)
  • Deerfield Cemetery, location unknown
  • Dengel Cemetery, 47°06′55"N 108°52′08"W, el. 3445 feet (1,050 m)
  • Everson Cemetery, 47°35′01"N 109°46′22"W, el. 3543 feet (1,079.9 m)
  • Forest Grove Cemetery, 46°59′27"N 109°04′33"W, el. 4081 feet (1,243.9 m)
  • Fort Maginnis Cemetery, 47°11′13"N 109°08′49"W, el. 4416 feet (1,346 m)
  • Garneill Cemetery, 46°45′05"N 109°45′05"W, el. 4432 feet (1,350.9 m)
  • Gilt Edge Cemetery, 47°07′57"N 109°12′13"W, el. 4580 feet (1,396 m)
  • Grass Range Cemetery, 47°01′24"N 108°48′43"W, el. 3514 feet (1,071.1 m)
  • Great Divide Cemetery, 46°59′51"N 109°12′16"W, el. 4596 feet (1,400.9 m)
  • Hilger Cemetery, 47°13′47"N 109°20′41"W, el. 4298 feet (1,310 m)
  • Hillcrest Cemetery, 47°18′48"N 109°56′09"W, el. 3668 feet (1,118 m)
  • Kendall Cemetery, 47°17′05"N 109°27′15"W, el. 4708 feet (1,435 m)
  • Lewistown City Cemetery, 47°04′04"N 109°26′33"W, el. 3966 feet (1,208.8 m)
  • Maiden Cemetery, location unknown
  • Moore Cemetery, 46°58′10"N 109°40′52"W, el. 4219 feet (1,286 m)
  • Pine Grove Cemetery, 46°46′48"N 109°06′29"W, el. 5387 feet (1,642 m)
  • Rock Creek Cemetery, location unknown
  • Roy Cemetery, 47°20′34"N 108°57′25"W, el. 3540 feet (1,079 m)
  • Strouf Pioneer Cemetery, 47°16′47"N 110°02′56"W, el. 3812 feet (1,161.9 m)
  • Sunset Memorial Gardens, 47°09′10"N 109°25′46"W, el. 4068 feet (1,239.9 m)
  • Trout Creek Cemetery, location unknown
  • Tyler Cemetery, 46°48′23"N 108°49′43"W, el. 3983 feet (1,214 m)
  • Valentine Springs Cemetery, location unknown
  • Winifred Cemetery, 47°32′24"N 109°21′24"W, el. 3271 feet (997 m)
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