List of Naples metro stations
This is a list of stations on the Naples Metro
Metropolitana di Napoli
Metropolitana di Napoli is the metro system serving the city of Naples, Italy. The system includes three underground rapid transit lines and commuter railways , with planned upgrading and expansion work underway...

Station Lines Opened Grade
Augusto Line 6
Aversa Centro Rainbow
Aversa Ippodromo Rainbow
Chiaiano - Marianella Line 1
Colli Aminei Line 1
Dante Line 1
Frullone - San Rocco Line 1
Giugliano Rainbow
Lala Line 6
Materdei Line 1
Medaglie d'Oro Line 1
Mergellina Line 6 Line 2
Montedonzelli Line 1
Mostra Line 6 Line 2 Cumana
Mugnano Rainbow
Museo Line 1 Line 2
Piscinola Rainbow Line 1
Policlinico Line 1
Quattro Giornate Line 1
Rione Alto Line 1
Salvator Rosa Line 1
Vanvitelli Line 1 Montesanto Chiaia Centrale
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