List of Justice Ministers of Imperial Russia

Ministers of Justice

  • Pyotr Obolyaninov  2 February 1800 – 16 March 1801
  • Gavriil Derzhavin 8 September 1802 – 7 October 1803
  • Pavel Lopukhin 8 October 1803 – 1 January 1810
  • Ivan Dmitriev
    Ivan Dmitriev
    Ivan Ivanovich Dmitriev was a Russian statesman and poet associated with the sentamentalist movement in Russian literature.Dmitriev was born at his father's estate in the government of Simbirsk...

     1 January 1810 – 30 August 1814
  • Dmitry Proshchinsiy 30 August 1814 – 25 August 1817
  • Prince Dmitry Lobanov-Rostovskiy 25 August 1817 – 18 October 1827
  • Prince Dolgorukiy A. A. 18 October 1827 – 20 September 1829
  • Dmitry Dashkov 20 September 1829 – 14 February 1839
  • Count Dmitry Bludov
    Dmitry Bludov
    Count Dmitry Nikolayevich Bludov was a Russian imperial official who filled a variety of posts under Nicholas I - Deputy Education Minister , Minister of Justice , Minister of the Interior , Chief of the Second Section...

     15 February 1839 – 31 December 1839
  • Count Viktor Panin
    Viktor Panin
    Viktor Panin is Russian physicist. PhD in physics and mathematics, Professor, Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences, advisor of Russian Academy of Sciences, expert in the solid mechanics, plastic deformation and physical materials.-Curriculum vitae:* 1979 — Head of Solid State Physics and...

     31 December 1839 – 21 October 1862
  • Dmitry Zamyatin 21 October 1862 – 18 April 1867
  • Prince Sergey Urusov 18 April 1867 – 15 October 1867
  • Count Konstantin Palen 15 October 1867 – 30 May 1878
  • Dmitry Nabokov 30 May 1878 – 6 November 1885
  • Nikolay Manasein 6 November 1885 – 1 January 1894
  • Nikolay Muraviev
    Nikolay Muraviev
    Nikolay Valerianovich Muraviev or Muravyov was an Imperial Russian politician, nephew of the famed Count Nikolay Muravyov-Amursky, explorer and Governor General of the Russian Far East....

     1 January 1894 – 14 January 1905
  • Sergey Manukhin
    Sergey Manukhin
    Sergey Sergeevich Manukhin was an Imperial Russian Politician.After graduating from the University of Saint Petersburg, he entered the Ministry of Justice. He served in the position of Director of the Ministry's First Department and Assistant Minister of Justice. In 1905 he briefly served as...

     21 January 1905 – 16 December 1905
  • Mikhail Akimov
    Mikhail Akimov
    Mikhail Grigoroevich Akimov was an Imperial Russian Politician. After graduating from the University of Moscow, he entered the Ministry of Justice. He served as an Assistant Public Prosecutor in Kiev, 1881. He was later appointed to the Imperial Senate at an undetermined time...

     16 December 1905 – 24 April 1906
  • Ivan Shcheglovitov
    Ivan Shcheglovitov
    Ivan Grigorevich Shcheglovitov was Russian minister of Justice.- Life :Graduate of the Imperial School of Law. Held various posts in the Senate and the Ministry of Justice between 1890 and 1905; Assistant Minister of Justice , Minister of Justice .Member of the State Council . Chairman of the...

     24 April 1906 – 6 July 1915
  • Aleksandr Khvostov
    Aleksandr Khvostov
    Aleksandr Alekseevich Khvostov was an Imperial Russian Politician. After graduating from the Imperial Alexander Lyceum, he entered the Ministry of Justice....

     6 July 1915 – 7 July 1916
  • Aleksandr Makarov
    Alexander Alexandrovich Makarov
    Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Makarov was an Imperial Russian Politician. After graduating from the University of Saint Petersburg, he entered the Ministry of Justice. He rose to the position of Public Prosecutor, and eventually Chairman of a District Court. In 1906, he was appointed Chairman of the...

     7 July 1916 – 20 December 1916
  • Nikolay Dobrovolskiy 20 December 1916 – 28 February 1917

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