Life (magazine)

Life generally refers to three American
United States
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  • A humor and general interest magazine published from 1883 to 1936. Time founder Henry Luce
    Henry Luce
    Henry Robinson Luce was an influential American publisher. He launched and closely supervised a stable of magazines that transformed journalism and the reading habits of upscale Americans...

     bought the magazine in 1936 solely so that he could acquire the rights to its name.
  • A weekly news magazine launched by Luce in 1936, with a strong emphasis on photojournalism
    Photojournalism is a particular form of journalism that creates images in order to tell a news story. It is now usually understood to refer only to still images, but in some cases the term also refers to video used in broadcast journalism...

    . Life was published until 1972; as an intermittent "special" until 1978; and as a monthly from 1978 to 2000.
  • A weekly newspaper supplement published by Time Inc.