Letter from America
Letter from America was a weekly 15-minute radio
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 series on BBC Radio 4
BBC Radio 4
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, previously called the Home Service
BBC Home Service
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, which ran for 2,869 shows from 24 March 1946 to 20 February 2004, making it the longest-running speech radio programme in history. The programme was also broadcast for many years on the BBC World Service
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It was presented by Alistair Cooke
Alistair Cooke
Alfred Alistair Cooke KBE was a British/American journalist, television personality and broadcaster. Outside his journalistic output, which included Letter from America and Alistair Cooke's America, he was well known in the United States as the host of PBS Masterpiece Theater from 1971 to 1992...

, who each week spoke of a topical issue in the USA, often tying together different strands of observation and anecdote. He frequently ended his letters on a humorous or poignant note.

Letter from America had its origin in London Letter, a 15-minute talk for American listeners on life in Britain that Cooke recorded during the 1930s while working as London correspondent for NBC
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. London Letter came to an end when Cooke emigrated to America in 1937, but it was not long before he suggested to the BBC
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 the idea of continuing the idea in reverse. A prototype, Mainly About Manhattan, was broadcast intermittently from 1938, but the idea was shelved with the outbreak of World War II
World War II
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 in 1939. The first American Letter was broadcast on March 24, 1946; the change of title to Letter from America came in 1950. Initially confirmed for only 13 instalments, the series lasted nearly 58 years and gathered an enormous audience, being broadcast not only in Britain and in many other Commonwealth
Commonwealth of Nations
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 countries, but throughout the world by the BBC World Service.

The end of an era

On March 2, 2004, at the age of 95, following advice from his doctors, Cooke announced his retirement from Letter from America; he died less than a month later, on March 30, 2004, at his home in New York City
New York City
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A compilation of the program's transcripts was published in 2004. Nearly 3,000 scripts are to be made available to the public by the University of East Anglia in Norwich in an electronic archive.

Five years later, BBC Radio 4 premiered Americana
Americana (radio series)
Americana was a British radio programme broadcast on BBC Radio 4 from spring 2009 to autumn 2011. It offered a "mix of discussion, interviews and features, with a focus on the voices of ordinary Americans" and was touted as the "successor for the late Alistair Cooke's Letter from...

, touted as the successor for to Letter from America."

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