Les parisiens
Les Parisiens is a film directed by Claude Lelouch, released 15 September 2004.


A string of characters, often marginal, form part of what one might call the "love Richter Scale" and intersect, forming Prévert inventory
Jacques Prévert
Jacques Prévert was a French poet and screenwriter. His poems became and remain very popular in the French-speaking world, particularly in schools. Some of the movies he wrote are extremely well regarded, with Les Enfants du Paradis considered one of the greatest films of all time.-Life and...

. Among them, two singers, Shaa and Massimo fall in love, and share their story.


  • Director: Claude Lelouch
  • Writers : Claude Lelouch, Pierre Uytterhoeven
    Pierre Uytterhoeven
    Pierre Uytterhoeven is a screenwriter. He won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay in 1966 for his work with Claude Lelouch in A Man and a Woman. In 1986 he worked with Lelouch again on the film's sequel, A Man and a Woman: 20 Years Later....

  • Director of photography: Gérard de Battista
    Gérard de Battista
    Gérard de Battista is a cinematographer, had a long relationship with the Spanish actress Victoria Abril and they have two sons together, one in 1990 and another one in 1992 .-References:...

  • Music : Francis Lai
    Francis Lai
    Francis Lai is a French accordionist, and composer noted for his film scores.While in his twenties, Francis Lai left home and went to Paris where he became part of the lively Montmartre music scene...

    , Pierre Barouh
    Pierre Barouh
    Pierre Barouh is a French writer-composer-singer best known for his work on Claude Lelouch's film A Man and a Woman both as actor, and as lyric writer/singer for Francis Lai's music for the film....

    , Boris Bergman
  • Production : Les Films 13
  • Distribution : Les Films 13
  • Length : 118 minutes


  • Mathilde Seigner
    Mathilde Seigner
    Mathilde Seigner is a French actress.Mathilde Seigner was born in Paris, France. She is the granddaughter of the respected French actor Louis Seigner . She is the sister of the actresses Emmanuelle Seigner and Marie-Amelie Seigner, and the niece of Françoise Seigner...

     : Clémentine / Anne (les jumelles parisiennes)
  • Constantin Alexandrov : Le parisien complexé
  • Catherine Arditi
  • Michèle Bernier : Une parisienne qui travaille dans un club
  • Evelyne Buyle :
  • Cyrielle Claire : La parisienne chic
  • Guillaume Cramoisan : L'auteur-compositeur
  • Géraldine Danon :
  • Xavier Deluc : Un flic
  • Grégori Derangère : L'arnaqueur
  • Arielle Dombasle
    Arielle Dombasle
    Arielle Dombasle is a French-American singer, actress, director and model. Her breakthrough roles were in Éric Rohmer's Pauline at the Beach and Alain Robbe-Grillet's The Blue Villa...

     : Une parisienne isolée dans son château
  • Antoine Duléry : Un restaurateur
  • André Falcon :
  • Patrick Fierry : Le crooner
  • Charles Gérard
    Charles Gérard
    Charles Gérard is a French actor. He appeared in more than fifty films since 1957. In many fims he worked with director Claude Lelouch.-Selected filmography:- External links :...

  • Richard Gotainer : Le patron de la brasserie
  • Ticky Holgado
    Ticky Holgado
    Ticky Holgado , pseudonym of Joseph Holgado, was a French actor and a frequent collaborator with Jean-Pierre Jeunet....

     : Dieu
  • Maïwenn Le Besco
    Maïwenn Le Besco
    Maïwenn |Île-de-France]]) is a French actress and film director.-Biography and career:She is the daughter of actress Catherine Belkhodja, who ushered her into the entertainment industry at a young age, an experience later chronicled by Le Besco in her one-woman shows "Le Pois Chiche" and "I'm an...


  • Claude Lelouch financed the production of this film himself, through his company, Les Films 13, to the tune of €10M. He acknowledged that it was a major risk, and may have led to his personal ruin.
  • On its release date, the film only sold tickets, representing a major disappointment. Upset by this, Claude Lelouch offered free tickets to people around Paris on 17 September 2004 up to 19:00. However, by the end of the week, les Parisiens still only had viewers.
  • The film is dedicated to Ticky Holgado, who died in January 2004.

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  • Le Courage d'aimer
    Le courage d'aimer
    Le Courage d'aimer is a comedy drama directed by Claude Lelouch released on 29 June 2005. It is the result of a recutting of the first part of an unfinished trilogy - Le Genre humain with the scenes from the film that would have constituted the second film, called Le Bonheur, c'est mieux que la...

    (recutting of Parisiens and scenes from the second part of the unfinished Le Genre Humain trilogy)

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