Le Cerveau
The Brain is a 1969 French comedy film directed by Gérard Oury
Gérard Oury
Gérard Oury was a French film director, actor and writer. His real name was Max-Gérard Houry Tannenbaum.- A commercially successful French filmmaker :...

, about a second train robbery by the brains of the Great Train Robbery
Great Train Robbery (1963)
The Great Train Robbery is the name given to a £2.6 million train robbery committed on 8 August 1963 at Bridego Railway Bridge, Ledburn near Mentmore in Buckinghamshire, England. The bulk of the stolen money was not recovered...



Two clumsy French thieves, Anatole and Arthur, plan a spectacular heist : the attack of a freight train which carries from Paris to Brussels the secret funds of NATO. They don't know that another team is planning the same attack, the same one which performed the Glasgow-London Great Train Robbery; the team is headed by "The Brain" (David Niven), a British criminal mastermind whose massive brain is so heavy that, when he has a strong emotion, he cannot keep his head upright. The Brain has also a deal with the Sicilian mafia.
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