Lateral intraparietal cortex
The Lateral Intraparietal Cortex (area LIP) is found in the intraparietal sulcus
Intraparietal sulcus
The intraparietal sulcus is located on the lateral surface of the parietal lobe, and consists of an oblique and a horizontal portion. The IPS contains a series of functionally distinct subregions that have been intensively investigated using both single cell neurophysiology in primates and human...

 of the brain. This area is most likely involved in eye movement, as electrical stimulation evokes saccades (quick movements) of the eyes. It is also thought to contribute to working memory
Working memory
Working memory has been defined as the system which actively holds information in the mind to do verbal and nonverbal tasks such as reasoning and comprehension, and to make it available for further information processing...

 associated with guiding eye movement, examined using a delayed saccade task described below:
  1. A subject focuses on a fixation point at the center of a computer screen.
  2. A target (for instance a shape) is presented at a peripheral location on the screen.
  3. The target is removed and followed by a variable-length delay period.
  4. The initial focus point in the middle of the screen is removed.
  5. The subject's task is to make a saccade to the location of the target.

Neurons in area LIP have been shown to start responding with the initial presentation of the stimulus. The neurons keep responding through the delay period until the fixation point is removed. As the neural response stops, the saccadic eye movement starts and the animal soon focuses on the exact location of the previously shown target. The conclusion of this task experiment is that neurons in area LIP store information (the location of the target) useful for guiding the saccadic movement; that is, this area of the cortex shows modality
-Humanities:* In law: the basis of legal argumentation in United States constitutional law* In theology: Modality : the organization and structure of the church, as distinct from sodality or parachurch organizations...

-specific working memory.

Areas showing specificity for other modalities have been located.
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