Lateral apertures
The lateral aperture is a paired structure in human anatomy. It is an opening in each lateral extremity of the lateral recess
Lateral recess
The lateral recess is a projection of the fourth ventricle which extends into the inferior cerebellar peduncle of the brainstem. The lateral aperture, an opening in each extremity of the lateral recess, provides a conduit for cerebrospinal fluid to flow from the brain's ventricular system into the...

 of the fourth ventricle
Fourth ventricle
The fourth ventricle is one of the four connected fluid-filled cavities within the human brain. These cavities, known collectively as the ventricular system, consist of the left and right lateral ventricles, the third ventricle, and the fourth ventricle...

 of the human brain
Human brain
The human brain has the same general structure as the brains of other mammals, but is over three times larger than the brain of a typical mammal with an equivalent body size. Estimates for the number of neurons in the human brain range from 80 to 120 billion...

, which also has a single median aperture
Median aperture
The median aperture drains CSF from the fourth ventricle into the cisterna magna. The two lateral apertures , one on the left and one on the right, are the primary routes for drainage of cerebrospinal fluid from the fourth ventricle into the cerebellopontine angle cistern...

. The two lateral apertures provide a conduit for cerebrospinal fluid
Cerebrospinal fluid
Cerebrospinal fluid , Liquor cerebrospinalis, is a clear, colorless, bodily fluid, that occupies the subarachnoid space and the ventricular system around and inside the brain and spinal cord...

 to flow from the brain's ventricular system
Ventricular system
The ventricular system is a set of structures containing cerebrospinal fluid in the brain. It is continuous with the central canal of the spinal cord.-Components:The system comprises four ventricles:* right and left lateral ventricles* third ventricle...

 into the subarachnoid space
Subarachnoid space
In the central nervous system, the subarachnoid cavity is the interval between the arachnoid membrane and pia mater....

; specifically into the cerebellopontine angle
Cerebellopontine angle
The cerebellopontine angle is a structure at the margin of the cerebellum and pons.Breast cancer can metastasize to the cerebellopontine angle.It can be a site for lipoma.It is where acoustic neuromas are usually found.-External links:...

. The structure is also called the lateral aperture of the fourth ventricle or the foramen of Luschka after anatomist Hubert von Luschka
Hubert von Luschka
Hubert von Luschka, born Hubert Luschka , was a German anatomist. He lent his name to several structures, including the foramina of Luschka, Luschka's crypts, Luschka's law, Luschka's joints, and Ducts of Luschka....

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