La Roche-Bernard
La Roche-Bernard is a commune
Communes of France
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 in the Morbihan
Morbihan is a department in Brittany, situated in the northwest of France. It is named after the Morbihan , the enclosed sea that is the principal feature of the coastline.-History:...

 department of Brittany in north-western France
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. Inhabitants of La Roche-Bernard are called in French
French language
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 Rochois for men and Rochoises for women.

Forming a part of Petites cités de caractère, a quality label, the town is known for its marina along the waterfront of the river named La Vilaine and also for its old area.

Middle Ages

The town was founded 919
Year 919 was a common year starting on Friday of the Julian calendar.- Europe :* Edward the Elder of England conquers Bedford....

 by a viking chief named Bern-hart. He understand the interest of this strategic defensive place and he decided to fortified the aera and seatle here. His successors swore allegiance to duke
A duke or duchess is a member of the nobility, historically of highest rank below the monarch, and historically controlling a duchy...

of Brittany.

During the 1341-1365 War of Succession, baron decided to help Charles de Blois but at the end of the war, and after Charles de Blois's death, Jean de Montfort decided to destroy his castle.

Modern Times

In the 19th century, the town become an important dock with an apogee beetween 1880-1890 but the economic activity decreased quickly with the development of railway.

Today, La Roche-Bernard is a thriving yachting port with over five hundred private pleasure craft.

The Old Area

  • Maritim museum of Vilaine river
  • The house of Cannon (Town Hall)
  • Notre-Dame Church
  • Bouffay Piazza
  • Quenelle Street
  • Saulnerie Street


  • The old bridge of La Roche-Bernard
  • The Bridge of La Roche-Bernard
  • The Bridge of Morbihan

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