Kuria District
Kuria District is an administrative district
Districts of Kenya
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 in the Nyanza Province
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 of Kenya
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. Its capital town is Kehancha (sometimes spelled as Kihancha). The district has a population of 256,086 (2009 census) and an area of 581 km². It is inhabited by Kuria people
Kuria (ethnic group)
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Kuria district was split into two in December 2007, Kuria West district with Kehancha as the district capital and Kuria East district with Kegonga as the district capital.

Kuria West covers three administrative divisions namely Kehancha, Mabera and Masaba Divisions while Kuria East spans the two administrative divisions namely Kegonga and Ntimaru.

However one peculiarity is that the two District's have only one local authority, Kehancha municipality and one electoral constituency, Kuria Constituency
Kuria Constituency
Kuria Constituency is an electoral constituency in Kenya. It is the only constituency in Kuria District. The constituency has 21 wards, all electing councillors to the Kehancha municipality.- Members of Parliament :- Wards :...

which is represented in parliament by Dr W.G Machage. Kuria District is divided into five administrative divisions:
Administrative divisions
Division Population* Urban pop.* Headquarters
Kegonga 57,044 27,098 Kegonga
Kehancha 62,260 29,267 Ikerege
Mabera 44,782 7,213 Suba Kuria
Masaba 38,550 9,342 Masaba
Ntimaru 53,450 18,513 Ntimaru
Total 256,086 91,433 -
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