Kristine (TV series)
Martha Cecilia's Kristine is a 2010
2010 in television
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The Philippines , officially known as the Republic of the Philippines , is a country in Southeast Asia in the western Pacific Ocean. To its north across the Luzon Strait lies Taiwan. West across the South China Sea sits Vietnam...

Romance (genre)
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-drama primetime television series produced and aired by ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation. It is based on 54 books of the pocketbook
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 the Kristine Series, by Martha Cecilia. The series is the twelfth installment of Precious Hearts Romances Presents
Precious Hearts Romances Presents
Precious Hearts Romances Presents is an ABS-CBN program mainly focusing on adaptations of the best-selling pocketbooks distributed by company holder, Precious Hearts Romances.-Bud Brothers:-Ang Lalaking Nagmahal Sa Akin:-Somewhere In My Heart:...

 and is the first adaptation to be on a primetime slot.

The series is about two rival families—the Fortalejos and the De Silvas— two sisters of the Fortalejo family unexpectedly fall in love with a De Silva.

It was also the official offering of the celebration of 60 Years of Philippine Soap Operas.

Book One: Epilogue

Right before the big feud between the Fortalejo and De Silva families, Alicia De Silva was deeply in love with Don Leon Fortalejo. Don Leon, already married to Kristine Esmeralda Lopez-Fortalejo, refused to be with her until one night when Alicia sneaked in his bedroom. That mistake lead to being pregnant and Ernesto De Silva (Alicia's father) calling it "disgracing the family". Since Alicia lied about Romano Fortalejo (Don Leon's favorite child) being the father of her child, the two business partners, Don Leon and Ernesto arranged a marriage for their children. Romano and Ana Marie Soriano, being inlove together, escaped to live their own lives while leaving Alicia at the altar on the day of their marriage. This enraged Ernesto to a fight causing his life and Don Leon's left arm. Alfon De Silva seeking for revenge raped and killed Esmeralda. Due to the pain of losing his wife, Don Leon announced the feud and disowning Romano.

Years later, Romano and Ana bore two children, Kristine Emerald Fortalejo and Kristine Jewel Fortalejo (not knowing of the feud). Romano died leaving a lot of hospital bills. A penny away to being poor, Ana told the whole story about their background telling her children to never take the inheritance left by Esmeralda. Emerald, not listening drove to Villa Kristine to receive the inheritance but accidentally drove to the Hacienda De Silva. There she met Marco De Silva who kidnapped her but later fell deeply in love with each other.

Jewel almost dying of worry for her sister, went to Paso De Blas hoping to find Emerald. There she met Jamie Reyes in a funny way and pretended to be his wife to be accepted in the Hacienda De Silva as a worker. Many days past of working in the sun and finding Emerald, but Jewel and Jamie fell inlove with each other.

After many conflicts with Alfon, Don Cesar Zaragoza, and Don Leon the Fortalejo family was reunited. Marco and Emerald were also broken hearted because a certain deal with Don Leon and Julia De Silva were made. Emerald vowed to be an enemy to Marco. Marco still tries to clear his name and prove that Margarita Fortalejo is a murderer. Although Don Leon wants Lance for Jewel instead of Jamie, his driver, many escapes by Jewel and Jamie were planned to be with each other. But when Don Leon learned that his son, Bernard Fortalejo is alive, he tries hard to find the lovers. Bernard Fortalejo was revealed to be Jamie Reyes a fact that will ruin Jewel and Jamie's lives.

Meanwhile Alfon De Silva showed up in a bar in Paso de Blas where Margarita was drinking, and made a deal to be partners. Then the rival between the Fortalejo and De Silva stopped when Don Leon Fortalejo re-arranged peace to Paso de Blas. Suddenly Bernard De Silva Fortalejo "Jaime Reyes" showed up and attempted to kill his father Don Leon for forbidding their love (Jewel and "Jaime"). Don Leon said that "Jaime Reyes" is Bernard De Silva Fortalejo and Don Leon and Alicia De Silva's son making Jewel and him "uncle and niece". After the event when Don Leon went to his car, the car suddenly exploded causing Don Leon's death (caused by Gemma Zaragoza for revenge).

Right after the incident, Margarita Fortalejo-Cervantes is finding a way to claim the riches of her late father Don Leon Fortalejo. The last will and testament of Don Leon giving his properties to Jewel Fortalejo, Emerald Fortalejo, Ana Fortalejo, Bernard Fortalejo, Jose Cervantes, Margarita Cervantes and their son, Nathaniel Cervantes. The last will and testament of Don Leon gave Bernard, Jewel, and Emerald many of his riches, gave Margarita's family little, and since he gave Villa Kristine to Romano and Ana is his wife, Ana owns it. This outraged Margarita to anger when she found out that her father gave her very little, causing Margarita to find a way to get all of her father's riches.

Suddenly Stella Ilarmo (Jewel's biological mother) showed up in Paso de Blas claiming her daughter Jewel Fortalejo, which means that Jewel is not the daughter of Romano and Ana Fortalejo and the sister of Emerald Fortalejo. Margarita paid Alfon De Silva to investigate Ana, then Stella showing up in Villa Kristine made Ana frightened to reveal her deep secret about Jewel's real identity. Stella saw Jewel and Ana introduced Stella as her "friend" which is a lie because Stella is really Ana's sister. Stella applied as Jewel's assistant which made Margarita very curious about the real identity of Stella making Margarita pay Alfon to investigate Stella. Then Alfon revealed that Jewel is not a true Fortalejo making her and Jaime's love "unforbidden" because Jewel is not a Fortalejo meaning that she is not the niece of Bernard. Upon Margarita knowing that Jewel is not a real Fortalejo and making Jewel and Bernard to love each other (married) again stirred up Margarita on finding a way on making Jewel and Bernard not love each other because she thought that if Jewel and Jaime marries making Jewel a Fortalejo. Margarita thought that it would be harder for her to claim his father's riches when Jewel and Jaime marries. Emerald Fortalejo and Marco de Silva marries as well as Jewel and Bernard making Jewel a Fortalejo. The story continues on the sons and daughters of Jewel, Jaime, Emerald and Marco up to the last true Fortalejo living namely Leon Fortalejo. Leon Fortalejo will show up at the last book (book 52)of the series as the last Fortalejo living.

As the First Book of the Television Series ends and Book 52 in the Martha Cecila's Kristine Book Series. As Stella enters the lives of Anna, and Jewel, Complications arise as Jewel is with Jaime. Fate has its ways of putting them in harm as well, as Jewel leaves he Mansion after her complications and dealing with family. Hostility arises and she decides to go on with a little trip to Lance's farm. After a few days of spending time with Lance, she decides to occupy a little time at the manor, but leaves abruptly as she decides to go back to the place Jaime and Jewel spent time with each other. Jaime is already there and Jewel and Jaime spend time avoiding each other as they know that they cannot fall for each other. Jewel tries to hold back tears, and pain, as she tries to deliberately hold it back as Lance is in her heart now as she is unaware that she is not a Fortalejo. Jaime and Jewel's encounter make them so happy but at home issues begin as of her disappearance. Anna, and Stella, confront each other of being a mother to Jewel, and as for Stella she does not know that the man she slept with, Alfon, is using her to get through his plans, but as she makes a phone call she is not there for Jewel, but indeed for the money. Meanwhile Margarita, is now ignored by her husband, and son and decides to make a scheme. She collaborates with Alfon, into kidnapping Anna who is Alfon's obsession after the near encounter, while Jewel is Margarita's plan to kill after losing everything especially her inheritance.

Book Two: Prequel

As Book 1 ends in the Television Series Adaptation of the Series, Jewel and Jaime are in each others arms once again, and Lance tries to convince Jewel who she will pick at almost any point, the one man she truly loves, or the one that is now healing her broken heart. Margarita's schemes makes it hectic and unraveling. What will Jaime and Marco uncover about Stella and Alfon's relationship as they are unaware of Stella? Meanwhile, as secrets unravel, Jewels safety is at risk as she is now in Lance's arms. Fate also brings her to the unaware truth that Stella is her mother as she runs away from her home she instantly forgives but one day she and Jaime are in each others hands again but Alfon and Stella are over and done with and now Margarita is up to something. After a evening with Lance Jewel, finds her mother Anna and Auntie Stella in a bitter arguing battle a bitter Argument of a secret but as it unravels Jewel finds out she is not the real Fortalejo leaving her to confront her mother and Stella who is her biological mother in her heartache she runs back to the village where her romance with Jaime was left and now she finds himself confessing to a group of villagers his love for her as she sees him she then says yes and agrees to marry him after she finds out the truth but as she runs back home she tells Anna she's leaving and she and Jaime get married now lost in a happily ever after as they come back to the Fortalejo manor, Stella decides to leave the manor to find a job in Taiwan but things are cut short when Alfon, traps Anna and Stella, Stella thinking she is on Alfon's side is betrayed and later ends up hostage calling Jewel into a trap so when she is followed by Lance as she and Jaime arrive to the scene Anna is begging and so is Stella for Alfon to let go and let them leave, but the plan is cut short as Anna and Stella both find Jewel arrive Anna is still taken hostage leaving her and Stella and with the help of Lance and Jaime and Marco to the rescue and Margarita leaves Jewel and Stella hostage unaware she is also part of the plot a fight leashes out leaving Jewel in the building with Stella but she gets shot and saves Jewel but in the building Starts a Fire and to Margarita's extent she thinks that her plan to eliminate and get her revenge and her plans result her to be successful but turns out as things go good for her, Lives are in a living hell with the death of Jewel will the truth prevail and is there any evidence or hope that Jewel maybe alive after all. At the end, Margarita traps Jewel and plans to bomb the place she is in. But Bernard, Marco, Scarlet, and Nathaniel are there to save her. Suddenly, Margarita finds out that her son is out there because she was watching the surveillance camera. So she let Jewel out and ran out for they had very little time until the bomb would burst. After they were all safe, Margarita realized she forgot her important necklace that was the key to all the gold. So she went back to find it, then the bomb burst and she is killed. At her burial, Jewel explained she was pregnant with another baby, Diana found her true love, Marco and Scarlet got married, and Nathaniel and Jasmin took care of Jasmin's sister.

Main Cast

  • Cristine Reyes
    Cristine Reyes
    Ara Maria Cristine Reyes , better known as Cristine Reyes, is a Filipina Actress. She became a contestant of GMA-7's reality TV program, StarStruck. She is presently managed by Viva Artists Agency and a contract artist of ABS-CBN...

     as Kristine Jewel Fortalejo
  • Zanjoe Marudo
    Zanjoe Marudo
    Zanjoe Acuesta Marudo is a Filipino actor and model. He was former housemate of Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition and became one of the Big Four along with Bianca Gonzalez, John Prats, and the big winner Keanna Reeves....

     as Jaime Reyes/ Bernard De Silva-Fortalejo
  • Denise Laurel
    Denise Laurel
    Denise Maria Sanz Laurel is a Filipina actress and singer. Laurel is a member of ABS CBN's circle of homegrown talents, Star Magic.- Biography :...

     as Kristine Emerald Fortalejo
  • Rafael Rosell
    Rafael Rosell
    Rafael Quimpo Rosell IV, born 10 November 1982 in Norway, is a Filipino actor in the Philippines.-Background:The actor was born to Filipino parents based in Norway. His dad is Cebuano and his mom is Bicolano. Both migrated to Norway where he was born in 1982. A full-blooded Filipino, though raised...

     as Marco De Silva
  • Rayver Cruz
    Rayver Cruz
    Raymond Oliver Cruz Ilustre, better known by his screen name Rayver Cruz , is a Filipino actor, dancer and singer.-Personal life:...

     as Lance Navarro
  • Xian Lim
    Xian Lim
    Xian Lim is a Filipino-Chinese model and actor. He landed his first major acting role when he was cast in the TV adaptation of the 2009 film Katorse. He is studying Management at the University of the East where he was also a member of the university's men's basketball varsity team.Lim is a...

     as Rayver Junnics
  • Ronaldo Valdez
    Ronaldo Valdez
    Ronaldo Valdez is a Filipino movie and television actor. Born Ronald James Gibbs in Manila, Philippines, he is the father of actor-singer Janno Gibbs.-Television:* "Glamorosa - Manolo...

     as Don Leon Fortalejo
  • Irma Adlawan as Margarita Fortalejo-Cervantes
  • William Lorenzo as Josef Cervantes
  • Angel Jacob as Ana Marie Soriano-Fortalejo
  • Johnny Revilla as Ernesto De Silva
  • Carla Martinez as Julia De Silva
  • Eric Fructuoso
    Eric Fructuoso
    Eric Fructuoso is a Filipino actor and former hip hop dancer. He rose to fame in the early 90's as part of the teen boy group "Gwapings" along with Mark Anthony Fernandez, Jomari Yllana and later with Jao Mapa.He has recently portrayed mature roles particularly villain roles, father characters and...

     as Alfon De Silva

Additional Cast

  • Arlene Tolibas as Tekla
  • Bayani Casimiro Jr. as Nonong
  • Elijah Magundayao as Buboy
  • JM De Guzman
    JM De Guzman
    Juan Miguel De Guzman , popularly known by his screen name JM De Guzman, is a Filipino actor.-Biography:JM started his career as a print and TVC model. He was 4 years old when he was cast in Ang TV 2 , where his batchmates include Sarah Geronimo, Shaina Magdayao and Denise Laurel...

     as Nathaniel F. Cervantes
  • Bangs Garcia as Diana Montero
  • Iya Villania
    Iya Villania
    Raelene Elaine Ebaler Villanía , better known as Iya Villania, is a Filipino-Australian actress, host, singer, dancer, and model. She has hosted on TV shows like ASAP Mania, Us Girls and as a VJ for MYX music channel.-Early life:Villanía was born in Camperdown, Australia but grew up in Sydney...

     as Scarlet Saavedra
  • Kristel Moreno
    Kristel Moreno
    Kristel Moreno is a Filipino actress and dancer. A former child star and former Sexbomb Girl and relaunched as member of Star Magic Batch 16.- Filmography :-Film:-External links:...

     as Jasmin Cuevo
  • Neri Naig
    Neri Naig
    Neri Naig is a Filipina actress. She was discovered after joining Star Circle Quest, a reality show in search of new actors and actresses and landed as the 6th Runner up.- Early life :...

     as Rowena Guevarra
  • Joross Gamboa
    Joross Gamboa
    John Ross Sanchez Gamboa, better known by his screen name Joross Gamboa , is a Filipino actor who is now a former GMA Network contract artist after moving back to ABS-CBN.-New career:...

     as Charlie
  • Kelly Misa
    Kelly Misa
    Raquel Denise “Kelly” Galvez Misa is a Filipina model and now tv host. She has appeared in several Philippine magazine publications and commercials locally and is considered as one of the Philippine’s most recognizable faces in print ads, commercials and ramp modeling. She is also a beauty...

     as Mylene
  • Tibo Jumalon as Tibo

Special Participation

  • Chin Chin Gutierrez
    Chin Chin Gutierrez
    Maria Carminia Lourdes Cynthia Arnaldo Gutierrez , better known as Chin Chin Gutierrez, is a Filipino actress and environmentalist.-Early life:...

     as Kristine Esmeralda Lopez-Fortalejo
  • Christian Vasquez
    Christian Vásquez
    Christian Vazquez is a Negros Occidentalese actor, model and a former housemate of ABS-CBN's Pinoy Big Brother: Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition. During his stint at Pinoy Big Brother, he was one of the comedian housemates. He graduated from high school at the University of St...

     as Romano Fortalejo
  • Wendy Valdez as Alicia De Silva
  • Chinggoy Alonzo as Don Cesar Zaragoza
  • Gilette Sandico as Gemma Zaragoza
  • Sharmaine Suarez as Stella Elarmo
  • Tanya Gomez as Juaning "Yayay" Reyes
  • Arnold Reyes as Rufo
  • Cai Cortez as Keanna
  • Richard Yap as Jandy
  • Miles Ocampo as Maya
  • Albie Casino as Dominic Ellarmo
  • Josef Elizalde as Nathaniel's Friend
  • Princess Manzon as Prostitute
  • Cathy Remperas
    Cathy Remperas
    Catherine "Cathy" Remperas is a Filipino nurse who after an appearance on a reality show has become an actress, host and model.Remperas is currently a member of ABS-CBN's Star Magic.-Career:Cathy Remperas is a nurse from Bohol....

     as Prized Girlfriend
  • Kyra Custodio as Young Margarita Fortalejo
  • Marikit Morales as Daisy
  • Auriette Divina as Demi Ingrid Alejo, Lance's Deceased Girlfriend
  • Gee-Ann Abrahan
    Gee-Ann Abrahan
    Gianina Maria "Gee-Ann" Sta. Maria Abrahan is a Filipina actress and former reality show contestant. She came to prominence from her stint in the second season of Pinoy Big Brother, hailed as the 4th Big Placer, placing behind Wendy Valdez, Mickey Perz and season big winner Beatriz Saw.-Early...

     as Ashley (Girl In The Bar)
  • Joyce So as Ruby (Girl In The Bar)
  • Bam Romana as GBoy (Boy In The Bar)
  • Manuel Chua
    Manuel Chua
    Manuel Chua is a Filipino male model and actor.He was discovered in the Filipino version of the reality game show Pinoy Fear Factor which was aired on ABS-CBN, from November 2008 to February 2009...

     as Scarlet's ex-boyfriend
  • Jose Sarasola as Diana's new boyfriend (in a final episode)


  • Ngayon At Kailanman sung by Vina Morales
    Vina Morales
    Vina Morales is a Filipina singer, actress and model.-Career:...

     (Official Theme Song)
  • Hanggang May Kailanman and Sakaling Malimutan Ka by Carol Banawa
    Carol Banawa
    Carol Claire Aguilar Banawa , better known in the Philippines as Carol Banawa, is a US-based Filipina singer and actress. She was born in Pasay City to Albino and Cirila Banawa. She has two siblings, Alexander and Cherry. She was raised in Batangas...

  • Di Ko Kayang Limutin by Liezel Garcia.


Kristine was launched as one of the ABS-CBN's offerings for the 60th Celebration of Filipino Soap Opera ("Ika-60 taon ng Pinoy Soap Opera") during the ABS-CBN Trade Launch for the first quarter of 2010, entitled "Bagong Simula" (New Beginning).

Controversial Leave

Lead Star Denise Laurel who plays Cristine Reyes sister Emerald made an indefinite leave in the middle of the first book due to constraints regarding some scenes concerning her image the indefinte leave left fans of the popular Primetime Series astonished if her recurring character would be back in the Second and final Season.

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