Kraljica is a fourth studio album by Serbia
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n dance-pop
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 singer Seka Aleksić
Seka Aleksic
Svetlana "Seka" Aleksić is a Bosnian pop-folk and techno folk singer.-Biography:...

After several delays, the album was released on November 23, 2007. The album sold more than 1 million copies worldwide, and it was a big success. In this album she released 5 singles. Three singles have their music videos, while the other two do not. One of singles, Poslednji Let (The Last flight) was a really big success, and an expensive video was made for it, showing Seka and her husband as princess and knight. The songs were ranked good by most critics in Serbia.

Track listing

  1. Kraljica (Queen) (04:50)
    (Seka Aleksic "Braja" Brajović, Dragan "Braja" Brajović, Dejan Abadić)
  2. Aspirin (Aspirine) (03:52)
    (Seka Aleksic, Miloš Roganović-Filip Miletić, Dejan Abadić)
  3. Boli stara ljubav (Past love hurts) (03:55)
    (Seka Aleksic, Aleksandar Perisić-Romario, Marina Tucaković, Dejan Abadić)
  4. Poslednji let (The last flight) (05:00)
    (Seka Aleksic)
  5. Nije ona ta (She is not the one) (03:13)
    (Dragan "Braja" Brajović, Dragan "Braja" Brajović, Dejan Abadić)
  6. Milostinja (Charity) (04:00)
    (Seka Aleksic, Dragan "Braja" Brajović, Dragan "Braja" Brajović, D.Abadić)
  7. Hirošima (Hiroshima) (03:35)
    (Seka Aleksic, A.Perisić-Romario, M.Tucaković, D.abadić)
  8. Tesna koža (The tight skin) (04:18)
    (Seka Aleksic, Ceca)
  9. Impulsi (Impulses) (03:09)
    (Seka Aleksic)
  10. Sokole moj (My falcon) (04:00)
    (Seka Aleksic, Dragan "Braja" Brajović, Dragan "Braja" Brajović, D.Abadić)
  11. Reci gde smo mi (Say, where are we) (03:38)
    (Seka Aleksic, Sergej Ćetković, Sergej Ćetković, D.Abadić)

Copies sold: 5 million.
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