Konka can refer to:
  • Konka River
    Konka River
    Konka is a tributary of Dnieper River, flowing through the Kherson Oblast. The city of Hola Prystan, a small town founded by Catherine II of Russia, is located on the river....

     in Ukraine
  • Konka Group, a Chinese electronics company

Konka is an Indian Family surname belongs to the Padmashali Community of Southern Region of India. Originated from Tornala of Medak District of A. P., Migrated to Nanded, Maharashtra in the early 70's for Business purpose.
Konka is also an indian family surname belonging to the munnurukapu community originally belonging to kompally region of hyderabad city. Due to plague in early 1930's the whole konka family perished with one survival konka anjaiah, who later migrated to secunderabad, avulamanda. Konka anjaiah grew up with his uncle in secunderabad who . Konka anjiah became an A class contractor. Whose structures include many monuments i and historical schools, colleges and many more in hyderabad.
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