Komintern may refer to:
  • Comintern
    The Communist International, abbreviated as Comintern, also known as the Third International, was an international communist organization initiated in Moscow during March 1919...

    , the Communist International
  • Komintern artillery tractor
  • Soviet cruiser Komintern
    Soviet cruiser Komintern
    Komintern was a Soviet light cruiser originally named Pamiat' Merkuria , a protected cruiser built for the Imperial Russian Navy. She saw service during World War I in the Black Sea and survived the Russian Civil War, although heavily damaged. She was repaired by the Soviet Navy and put into...

     - Soviet cruiser of the Black Sea Fleet
  • Malyshev Factory
    Malyshev Factory
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     (called Kharkov Komintern Locomotive Factory in 1927–38)
  • Komintern (rural locality)
    Komintern (rural locality)
    Komintern is the name of several rural localities in Russia:*Komintern, Republic of Adygea, a khutor in Maykopsky District of the Republic of Adygea*Komintern, Altai Krai, a settlement in Volchikhinsky District of Altai Krai...

    , name of several rural localities in Russia
  • Komintern, a French band from the early 1970s, formed after the break-up of Red Noise
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