• King mackerel
    King mackerel
    The king mackerel is a migratory species of mackerel of the western Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. It is an important species to both the commercial and recreational fishing industries.-Description:...

     Scomberomorus cavalla
  • Kingcroaker
    The kingcroakers are a genus Menticirrhus of the family Sciaenidae.-Species:Menticirrhus americanus - Southern Kingfish: This species grows to 20 inches in length. Seven to eight dark bands mark the sides which shade from dusky above to almost white on the belly...

     Menticirrhus spp.
  • Narrow-barred Spanish mackerel
    Narrow-barred Spanish mackerel
    Scomberomorus commerson, is a mackerel of the Scombridae family. It is found in a wide ranging area centering in South-east Asia but as far west as the east coast of Africa and from the Middle East and along the northern coastal areas of the Indian Ocean, and as far east as Fiji in the South West...

     Scomberomorus commerson (Australia)
  • White croaker
    White croaker
    White croaker is a species of croaker occurring in the Eastern Pacific. White croakers have been taken from Magdalena Bay, Baja California, to Vancouver Island, British Columbia, but are not abundant north of San Francisco. White croakers swim in loose schools at or near the bottom of sandy areas...

     Genyonemus lineatus (United Kingdom)
  • Cobia
    Cobia —also known as black kingfish, black salmon, ling, lemonfish, crabeaters, aruan tasek, etc.—are perciform marine fish, the sole representative of their family, the Rachycentridae.-Description:...

     Rachycentron canadum (Papua New Guinea)
  • Wahoo
    The wahoo is a scombrid fish found worldwide in tropical and subtropical seas. It is best known to sports fishermen, as its speed and high-quality flesh make it a prize game fish...

     Acanthocybium solandri (Barbados)
  • Crevalle jack
    Crevalle jack
    The crevalle jack, Caranx hippos is a common species of large marine fish classified within the jack family, Carangidae...

     Caranx hippos (Mauritania)
  • Japanese meagre Argyrosomus japonicus (Australia)
  • Yellowtail amberjack
    Yellowtail amberjack
    The yellowtail amberjack or great amberjack, Seriola lalandi, is a large fish found in the Pacific and Indian oceans. It can be divided into three sub-species: The California yellowtail, Seriola lalandi dorsalis, the southern yellowtail, or in New Zealand and Australia the yellowtail kingfish or...

     Seriola lalandi (Australia, New Zealand)
  • Opah
    Opah are large, colorful, deep-bodied pelagic Lampriform fish comprising the small family Lampridae . There are only two living species in a single genus: Lampris...

     Lampris guttatus (United Kingdom)
  • Silver gemfish
    Silver gemfish
    The silver gemfish or gemfish, Rexea solandri, is a snake mackerel of the genus Rexea, found in south eastern Australia and around New Zealand at depths of between 100 and 700 m...

     Rexea solandri (Australia)
  • Giant trevally
    Giant trevally
    The giant trevally, Caranx ignobilis , is a species of large marine fish classified in the jack family, Carangidae...

     (sometimes travelli) Caranx ignobilis (South Africa)


  • King Levinsky
    King Levinsky
    King Levinsky , also known as Kingfish Levinsky, was an American heavyweight boxer who fought during the 1930s...

     (Harry Krakow), American heavyweight boxer
  • "Kingfish" George Stevens, a character in the radio and television series Amos 'n' Andy
    Amos 'n' Andy
    Amos 'n' Andy is a situation comedy set in the African-American community. It was very popular in the United States from the 1920s through the 1950s on both radio and television....

  • Huey Long
    Huey Long
    Huey Pierce Long, Jr. , nicknamed The Kingfish, served as the 40th Governor of Louisiana from 1928–1932 and as a U.S. Senator from 1932 to 1935. A Democrat, he was noted for his radical populist policies. Though a backer of Franklin D...

     (1893–1935), nicknamed "Kingfish", Louisiana governor and senator
  • Baton Rouge Kingfish
    Baton Rouge Kingfish
    The Baton Rouge Kingfish were a minor professional ice hockey team in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, as a member of the East Coast Hockey League. The franchise arrived in Baton Rouge in 1996 after relocating from Erie, Pennsylvania, where they had played as the Erie Panthers since 1988 as one of the...

    , a minor league ice hockey team in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • Kingfish (band)
    Kingfish (band)
    Kingfish is an American rock band led by Matthew Kelly, a musician, singer, and songwriter who plays guitar and harmonica. Kelly co-founded Kingfish in 1973 with New Riders of the Purple Sage bass player Dave Torbert and fellow San Francisco Bay Area musicians Robbie Hoddinott, Chris Herold, and...

    , a San Francisco Bay Area rock band that included Bob Weir, Matt Kelly and Dave Torbert
  • Kingfish (1976 album), the first album released by the band Kingfish
  • Kingfish (1985 album)
    Kingfish (1985 album)
    Kingfish is an album by the rock band Kingfish. It contains previously unreleased tracks that were recorded at various times during the band's first eight years, and is sometimes referred to as Kingfish . Released by Relix Records as a vinyl LP in 1985, side one was recorded in the studio, and...

    , another album released by the band Kingfish
  • Raduga KSR-5
    Raduga KSR-5
    The Raduga KSR-5 was a long-range, air launched cruise missile and anti ship missile developed by the Soviet Union....

    , NATO reporting name AS-6 Kingfish, an air-launched Soviet anti-ship and strike missile
  • Convair KINGFISH
    Convair KINGFISH
    The Kingfish reconnaissance aircraft design was the ultimate result of a series of proposals designed at Convair as a replacement for the Lockheed U-2...

    , Convair design for Project OXCART
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