Kerplunk may refer to:
  • Kerplunk (album), an album by Green Day
  • KerPlunk (game)
    KerPlunk (game)
    KerPlunk is a children's game first marketed by the Ideal Toy Company in 1967.The game consists of a transparent plastic tube, plastic rods called straws and a number of marbles...

    , a game of physical skill involving marbles and rods in a cylinder
  • KerPlunk, a nickname given to the sculpture B of the Bang
    B of the Bang
    B of the Bang was a sculpture designed by Thomas Heatherwick, in Manchester, England, located next to the City of Manchester Stadium at Sportcity...

  • Kerplunk experiment
    Kerplunk experiment
    The kerplunk experiment was a famous stimulus and response experiment conducted on rats and demonstrates the ability to turn voluntary motor responses into a conditioned response. The purpose of the experiment was to get kinaesthetic feedback rather than guidance through external stimuli through...

    , a famous experiment of psychology conducted by John Watson
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