Katie Melua
Ketevan "Katie" Melua ˈmɛluːə ( ; born 16 September 1984) is a British
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. She moved to Northern Ireland at the age of eight and then to England at fourteen. Melua is signed to the small Dramatico
Dramatico is a record label founded by Mike Batt, with its first success in 2003. Artists on the small label include Mike Batt, Robert Meadmore, Sarah Blasko and Katie Melua. It is run by Batt and his ten employees. Dramatico have also established a publishing company based in New York City, U.S.A...

 record label
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, under the management of composer Mike Batt
Mike Batt
Michael Philip "Mike" Batt is a British songwriter, musician, producer and Deputy Chairman of the British Phonographic Industry...

, and made her musical debut in 2003. In 2006, she was the United Kingdom's best-selling female artist and Europe's highest selling European female artist.

In November 2003, at the age of nineteen, Melua released her first album, Call off the Search
Call off the Search
The Japanese release has the extra track "Deep Purple".-Personnel:*Katie Melua - guitar, vocals*Mike Batt - organ, piano, conductor*Jim Cregan - guitar*Tim Harries - bass*The Irish Film Orchestra - orchestra*Michael Kruk - drums*Alan Smale - leader...

, which reached the top of the United Kingdom album charts and sold 1.8 million copies in its first five months of release.

It's so funny because when you do smoke weed and write a song, you're like, 'Yeah, this is brilliant, this is excellent!' - and the next morning you go back and often find that really it's not very good at all... I've never done anything like acid or cocaine and I hope I don't. But I guess you have to try things once in a while... just once. I think you have to be very wary of falling into that trap of getting addicted.

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A fucking good tune

Referring to Bohemian Rhapsody|Bohemian Rhapsody during a performance at the Oxford Union|Oxford Union.

When I was 14 or 15 I was into the whole Spice Girls and I was a huge fan, but two years ago I heard The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell and I was like - fucking hell, I've been born in the wrong bloody decade!

Dancing is an important function of music, but so is crying.

I get guilty when I spend money on silly things like clothes and stuff... Having experienced a completely different extreme of wealth, and I don't mean me being poor or rich, I mean knowing that 40 quid that gets spent on a pair of shoes could go a long way for a family in Georgia for a week or even a month, having experienced that, you're a bit more [guilty].

As a family, we have been very fortunate to find a happy lifestyle in this country and we feel we belong. We still consider ourselves to be Georgian, because that is where our roots are, and I return to Georgia every year to see my uncles and grandparents, but I am proud to now be a British citizen.

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I do know that there are some things that exist in this world that you just can't prove. That could be the case with God or whoever might be up there, but I don't follow any one religion.

Promo? It's a fucking nightmare!