Catechismus in der windischenn Sprach or shortly Catechismus (Catechism
A catechism , i.e. to indoctrinate) is a summary or exposition of doctrine, traditionally used in Christian religious teaching from New Testament times to the present...

, also known as or shortly in modern Slovene), is a book written by the Slovene Protestant
Protestant Reformation
The Protestant Reformation was a 16th-century split within Western Christianity initiated by Martin Luther, John Calvin and other early Protestants. The efforts of the self-described "reformers", who objected to the doctrines, rituals and ecclesiastical structure of the Roman Catholic Church, led...

 preacher Primož Trubar
Primož Trubar
Primož Trubar or Primož Truber was a Slovene Protestant reformer, the founder and the first superintendent of the Protestant Church of the Slovene Lands, a consolidator of the Slovene language and the author of the first Slovene-language printed book...

 in 1550. Along with Trubar's 1550 book, Abecedarium
Abecedarium (Trubar)
Abecedarium —along with Catechismus —is the first printed book in Slovene. It is an eight-page booklet for helping people learn the alphabet. The protestant reformer Primož Trubar had it printed in 1550, with reprints in 1555 and 1566. An improved version of it was also printed by Sebastjan Krelj...

(Abecedary), Catechismus was the first book published in Slovene. Catechismus was written and published in German territory while Trubar was in hiding. Catechismus served as part of a foundation of the establishment of a national identity for Slovenes.

Catechismus was released in October 2009 for the first time in modern Slovene. This scholarly edition includes both the Trubar-era Slovene and a translation into modern Slovene with scholarly notes. Similarly, Abecedarium was published in October 2008, the other "first" Slovene book. The "Pridiga o veri" (Sermon on Faith) from Catechismus is available in Slovene, English, German, and Esperanto. Samples of these important works are at the website of the Trubar Forum http://www.primoztrubar.si.

A phrase from Cathecismus, Stati inu Obstati ("To Stand and Withstand"), is inscribed on the Slovenian 1 euro coin and has also been the slogan of the former Slovenian metropolitan archbishop Franc Rode.

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  • Compendium Catechismi in Slauonica lingua, the first Slovene Catholic book (by Leonhard Pachenecker, printed in Graz, 1574)
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