Karachev is an old town (first chronicled in 1146) in Karachevsky District
Karachevsky District
Karachevsky District is an administrative and municipal district , one of the 27 in Bryansk Oblast, Russia. Its administrative center is the town of Karachev. Population: 37,857 ; Population of Karachev accounts for 54.7% of the district's population....

 of Bryansk Oblast
Bryansk Oblast
Bryansk Oblast is a federal subject of Russia . Its administrative center is the city of Bryansk. Population: 1,278,087 .-History:...

, Russia
Russia or , officially known as both Russia and the Russian Federation , is a country in northern Eurasia. It is a federal semi-presidential republic, comprising 83 federal subjects...

. In the Middle Ages, it was the capital of one of the Upper Principalities, until its rulers moved their seat to Peremyshl
Peremyshl, Russia
Peremyshl is a village in Kaluga Oblast, Russia. Formerly a capital of one of the Upper Principalities, Peremyshl contains the ruins of a mid-16th century cathedral which collapsed in the 1980s from neglect. For descendants of the local rulers, see Vorotynsky and Gorchakov. Population: 3,235...

. Its old architecture
Architecture is both the process and product of planning, designing and construction. Architectural works, in the material form of buildings, are often perceived as cultural and political symbols and as works of art...

 was heavily damaged during the World War II
World War II
World War II, or the Second World War , was a global conflict lasting from 1939 to 1945, involving most of the world's nations—including all of the great powers—eventually forming two opposing military alliances: the Allies and the Axis...

. Population:

Near Karachev, there is a 300-meter tall radio mast used for CHAYKA
Chayka is a Russian terrestrial radio navigation system, similar to LORAN-C. It is also run on 100 kHz and is described like LORAN-C by its GRI.-Chayka-Chains:There are 5 Chayka-chains in use:...

radio navigation system.

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