Kalimba de Luna
"Kalimba de Luna" is a 1984 single by Italian musician Tony Esposito
Tony Esposito (musician)
Antonio "Tony" Esposito is an Italian musician, singer-songwriter and drummer from Italy.-Career :Esposito was born in Naples.He is well known for his 1984 hit single "Kalimba de Luna" from his album Il grande esploratore....

, taken from his album Il grande esploratore. The single reached #6 in the Swiss charts and #14 in the Italian charts. A cover was produced by Jacques Fred Petrus for the band Macho the same year.

Boney M. version

Kalimba de Luna was instantly covered by pop group Boney M. for the German market, giving the group their first Top 20 hit in three years, peaking at #17. An edit of the single was also added to new pressings of the group's then-current album Ten Thousand Lightyears
Ten Thousand Lightyears
Ten Thousand Lightyears is the seventh studio album by Boney M. and the first to feature new member Reggie Tsiboe who had taken over Bobby Farrell's role as the band's leading man in early 1982...

and the compilation album Kalimba de Luna - 16 Happy Songs
Kalimba de Luna - 16 Happy Songs
Kalimba de Luna – 16 Happy Songs is a compilation album by Boney M. released in late 1984. On the strength of two carbon-copy cover versions, "Kalimba de Luna" and "Happy Song" which gave Boney M...

. With lead vocals by new group member Reggie Tsiboe
Reggie Tsiboe
Reggie Tsiboe was born on 7 September 1950 in Kumasi was one of the lead singers of the disco group Boney M. between 1982-1986 and later between 1989-1990....

, the original idea was to release it as a solo single, and a video was shot with Reggie only before the plans were changed to release it as a Boney M. single, and a new video with the group was done. Neither Liz Mitchell
Liz Mitchell
Liz Mitchell is a singer, best known as the former lead singer of the 1970s disco/pop band, Boney M.-Early life:...

 nor Marcia Barrett
Marcia Barrett
Marcia Barrett , is one of the original singers with the vocal group, Boney M.-The early years:...

sang on this recording - the backing vocals were done by producer Frank Farian and session singers Amy & Elaine Goff.


7" Single
  • "Kalimba de Luna" - 4:31 / "10.000 Lightyears" (Kawohl, Björklund, Farian, Bischof) - 4:29 (Hansa 106 760-100, Germany)

12" Single
  • "Kalimba de Luna" (Club Mix) 7:07 / "10.000 Lightyears" - 4:29 (Hansa 601 470-213, Germany)
  • "Kalimba de Luna" (US Club Mix) 9:15 / "Kalimba de Luna" (Dub Mix) - 6:40 (Hansa 601 532-213, Germany)

Note : This single is the first which does not have the name "Boney M." written with the logo created eight years before for the "Daddy cool" single (the only previous exception being the "Baby do you wanna bump" single, which went out before the group even existed)
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