Juan Federico Ponce Vaides
Juan Federico Ponce Vaides (August 26, 1889 – November 16, 1956) was the acting President of Guatemala
President of Guatemala
The title of President of Guatemala has been the usual title of the leader of Guatemala since 1839, when that title was assumed by Mariano Rivera Paz...

 from 4 July 1944 to 20 October 1944. He succeeded long-ruling dictator Jorge Ubico
Jorge Ubico
Jorge Ubico y Castañeda was a Guatemalan dictator who held the title of President of Guatemala from 14 February 1931 to 4 July 1944.-Early years:...

 after Ubico's resignation, but the latter continued to exercise considerable influence during Ponce's acting presidency. Ponce, a general in the army, was part of a military junta
Military junta
A junta or military junta is a government led by a committee of military leaders. The term derives from the Spanish language junta meaning committee, specifically a board of directors...

 including General Villagrán Eduardo Ariza and General Pineda Buenaventura.
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