Journal for the Study of the Old Testament
The Journal for the Study of the Old Testament is a peer-reviewed
Peer review
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 academic journal
Academic journal
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 that publishes papers five times a year in the field of Biblical Studies
Biblical studies
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. The journal's editors are John Jarick ( University of Oxford) and Keith Whitelam (University of Sheffield
University of Sheffield
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). It has been in publication since 1976 and is currently published by SAGE Publications
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The Journal for the Study of the Old Testament publishes original scholarship on the Old Testament across a range of critical methodologies. The journal contains different approaches to the interpretation of the Old Testament literature. The Journal for the Study of the Old Testament provides a forum for the discussion and dissemination of research and findings.

Abstracting and indexing

The Journal for the Study of the Old Testament is abstracted and indexed in the following databases:
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  • ATLA Religion Database
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  • Index theologicus
  • New Testament Abstracts
  • Religion & Philosophy Collection
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