Jorge Vargas
Jorge Vargas may refer to:
  • Jorge B. Vargas
    Jorge B. Vargas
    Jorge B. Vargas was a lawyer and youth advocate born in Bago City, Negros Occidental, Philippines. He graduated valedictorian from Negros Occidental High School in 1909 and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1911 and a Bachelor of Law degree with honors in 1914, both from the University of the...

     (1890-1980), Filipino lawyer and youth advocate
  • Jorge Vargas González
    Jorge Vargas González
    Jorge Fabián Vargas González is a Chilean politician, singer, composer, and the mayor of Pichilemu from 1997 until 2007.- Biography :Jorge Vargas was born on February 8, 1967 in Pichilemu...

    , Chilean politician, mayor of Pichilemu 1997-2007
  • Jorge Alberto Vargas
    Jorge Alberto Vargas
    Jorge Alberto Vargas Oyola is an Ecuadorian football player. he currently plays for Club Social, Cultural y Deportivo Grecia.-External links:...

    , Ecuadorian football player
  • Jorge Francisco Vargas
    Jorge Francisco Vargas
    Jorge Vargas is a Chilean football defender. He currently plays for San Luis Quillota.-Club career:...

    , Chilean footballer
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