John VI of Naples
John VI was the Duke of Naples from 1097 or 1107 to his death. He was the son and successor of Sergius VI
Sergius VI of Naples
Sergius VI was the Duke of Naples from 1077 or 1082 to his death. He was the son of the senator John, and thus nephew and successor of John's elder brother Sergius V. His reign is very obscure on the basis of slight documentary evidence...

. His reign is very obscure on the basis of slight documentary evidence. He followed his father's policy of close relations with Byzantium
Byzantine Empire
The Byzantine Empire was the Eastern Roman Empire during the periods of Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages, centred on the capital of Constantinople. Known simply as the Roman Empire or Romania to its inhabitants and neighbours, the Empire was the direct continuation of the Ancient Roman State...

 in light of Norman attacks
Norman conquest of southern Italy
The Norman conquest of southern Italy spanned the late eleventh and much of the twelfth centuries, involving many battles and many independent players conquering territories of their own...

, and was at some point granted the Byzantine title of protosebastos. He married Eva (or Anna), daughter of Geoffrey Ridell
Geoffrey Ridell
Geoffrey Ridel was the Duke of Gaeta as a vassal of the Prince of Capua from 1067 or 1068.In 1061, he was one of the leaders of the first Norman campaign in Sicily. In 1067, he was appointed duke of Gaeta. He was the first Norman duke since William of Montreuil and the populace did not like him...

. Through her he was the father of the last duke of Naples, Sergius VII
Sergius VII of Naples
Sergius VII was the thirty-ninth and last duke of Naples. He succeeded his father John VI on the Neapolitan throne in 1120 or 1123 at a time when Roger II of Sicily was rising rapidly in power...


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