James of Baux
James of Baux Duke of Andria
Andria, Italy
Andria is a city and comune in Apulia . It is an agricultural and service center, producing wine, olives and almonds...

, was the last titular Latin Emperor of Constantinople
Constantinople was the capital of the Roman, Eastern Roman, Byzantine, Latin, and Ottoman Empires. Throughout most of the Middle Ages, Constantinople was Europe's largest and wealthiest city.-Names:...

 from 1374 to 1383 and Prince of Achaea
Principality of Achaea
The Principality of Achaea or of the Morea was one of the three vassal states of the Latin Empire which replaced the Byzantine Empire after the capture of Constantinople during the Fourth Crusade. It became a vassal of the Kingdom of Thessalonica, along with the Duchy of Athens, until Thessalonica...

 from 1382 to 1383.

James was the son of Francis of Baux, Duke of Andria (who died in 1353) by Margaret of Taranto (c. 1325-1380), daughter of Prince Philip I of Taranto
Philip I of Taranto
Philip I of Taranto : of the Angevin house, was titular Emperor of Constantinople , despot of Epirus, King of Albania, Prince of Achaea and Taranto, and Lord of Durazzo....

 and his second wife, Catherine of Valois
Catherine II of Valois, Princess of Achaea
Catherine of Valois was titular Empress of Constantinople from 1308 to her death as Catherine II, Princess consort of Achaea from 1332 to 1341, and Governor of Cephalonia from 1341 to her death.-Life:...

. Margaret was the sister of Robert of Taranto
Robert of Taranto
Robert II of Taranto , of the Angevin family, Prince of Taranto , King of Albania , Prince of Achaea , Titular Emperor of Constantinople ....

 and Philip II of Taranto
Philip II of Taranto
Philip II of Taranto of the Angevin house, was Prince of Achaea and Taranto, and titular Emperor of Constantinople from 1364 to his death in 1374....

, both of whom reigned as princes of Achaea and titular emperors of Constantinople (Robert II and Philip III).

On the childless death of Philip II of Taranto, James succeeded his uncle as titular emperor. The principality of Achaea had been turned over to Queen Joan I of Naples
Joan I of Naples
Joan I , born Joanna of Anjou, was Queen of Naples from 1343 until her death. She was also Countess of Provence and Forcalquier, Queen consort of Majorca and titular Queen of Jerusalem and Sicily 1343–82, and Princess of Achaea 1373/5–81....

, and James sought to recover it as his inheritance. He met with some success in 1380 but did not have complete control until Joan's death in 1382, when he became the only legitimate claimant to Achaea. He did not live to enjoy his principality long, as he died on 7 July 1383. In his attempt to reclaim his inheritance in Greece
Greece , officially the Hellenic Republic , and historically Hellas or the Republic of Greece in English, is a country in southeastern Europe....

, James had hired the services of the Navarrese Company
Navarrese Company
The Navarrese Company was a company of mercenaries, mostly from Navarre and Gascony, which fought in Greece during the late 14th century and early 15th century, in the twilight of Frankish power in the dwindling remnant of the Latin Empire...

, which took over Achaea for a short period after James' death. In 1382, James had married Agnes of Durazzo
Agnes of Durazzo
Agnes of Durazzo was the Empress consort of James of Baux, titular Latin Emperor of Constantinople. She was the last consort of the Latin Empire.-Family:She was the second daughter of Charles, Duke of Durazzo and Maria of Calabria...

, a daughter of Charles, Duke of Durazzo
Charles, Duke of Durazzo
Charles of Durazzo was a Neapolitan nobleman, the eldest son of John, Duke of Durazzo and Agnes de Périgord.He succeeded his father as Duke of Durazzo and Count of Gravina in 1336....

, and Maria of Calabria
Maria of Calabria
Maria of Calabria was the first Empress consort of Philip II of Taranto, titular Latin Emperor of Constantinople.-Family:...

, the sister of Queen Joan I of Naples. The marriage remained childless.
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