Jala may refer to:
  • Jala, Nayarit
    Jala, Nayarit
    Jala is both a municipality and a town in the Mexican state of Nayarit. The population of the municipality was 16,071 in 2005, in a total area of 364.60 square kilometers...

    , a municipality in Mexico.
  • Jaller, a Toa Mahri from Lego's Bionicle
    Bionicle is a line of toys by the LEGO Group marketed primarily for 5- to 16-year-olds. The line was launched on December 30, 2000 in Europe and June/July 2001 in Canada and the United States. "Bionicle" is a portmanteau constructed from the words "biological" and "chronicle"...

     storyline who used to be named Jala.
  • Jala
    Ap (water)
    Ap is the Vedic Sanskrit term for "water", in Classical Sanskrit occurring only in the plural, , whence Hindi . The term is from PIE hxap "water"....

    , one of the Panchamahabhuta, the Sanskrit classical elements.
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