A jail is a short-term detention facility in the United States and Canada.

Jail may also refer to:

In entertainment:
  • Jail (1966 film), a 1966 Malayalam movie
  • Jail (film)
    Jail (film)
    Jail is a Hindi movie directed by Madhur Bhandarkar and starring Neil Nitin Mukesh, Arya Babbar, Mugdha Godse and Manoj Bajpai.-Synopsis:...

    , a 2009 Bollywood movie
  • Jail (TV series)
    Jail (TV series)
    Jail is a reality television series that follows suspected criminals from booking through incarceration. It appears on MyNetworkTV's 2007 Fall schedule. It also airs on TruTV under the name Inside American Jail...

    , a reality television series
  • Jail (Monopoly), a space on the board game Monopoly

In computing:
  • Jail (computer security), a program resources sandbox mechanism
  • Chroot jail, a command on Unix operating systems
  • FreeBSD jail
    FreeBSD Jail
    The FreeBSD jail mechanism is an implementation of operating system-level virtualization that allows administrators to partition a FreeBSD-based computer system into several independent mini-systems called jails....

    , a FreeBSD system-level virtualization mechanism
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