Jack Straw
Jack Straw
Jack Straw
Jack Straw , British politician.Jack Straw may also refer to:* Jack Straw , English* "Jack Straw" , 1971 song by the Grateful Dead* Jack Straw by W...

(born 1946), British politician.

Jack Straw may also refer to:
  • Jack Straw (rebel leader)
    Jack Straw (rebel leader)
    For other uses, see Jack Straw Jack Straw was one of the three leaders of the Peasants' Revolt of 1381, a major event in the history of England.-Biography:Little is known of the Rising's leaders. It been suggested that Jack Straw may have been a preacher...

     (died 1381), English
  • "Jack Straw" (song)
    Jack Straw (song)
    Jack Straw is a rock song written by Bob Weir and Robert Hunter in the Troubadour tradition. The track appeared on the Grateful Dead album, Europe '72, and was frequently performed live by the band....

    , 1971 song by the Grateful Dead
  • Jack Straw (1908 play) by W. Somerset Maugham
    W. Somerset Maugham
    William Somerset Maugham , CH was an English playwright, novelist and short story writer. He was among the most popular writers of his era and, reputedly, the highest paid author during the 1930s.-Childhood and education:...

  • Jack Straw, 1920 silent film directed by William Demille based on the 1908 play
  • Jack Straw Foundation, American public radio foundation
  • Jackstraws, game pick-up sticks
    Pick-up sticks
    Pick-up sticks is a game of physical and mental skill. A bundle of 'sticks,' approximately 6-8 inches long, are held in a loose bunch and released on a table top, falling in random disarray. Each player, in turn, must remove a stick from the pile without disturbing the remaining ones...

  • Jack Straw (farmer), Headington Hill, Oxford, England, after whom, Jack Straw's Lane
    Jack Straw's Lane
    Jack Straw's Lane is a residential road in Oxford, England.It runs between the north end of Pullens Lane on Headington Hill and Marston Road.- History :...

    is named
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