Isotherm may refer to:
  • Isotherm (contour line) a type of contour line that connects points of equal temperature at a given date or time on a geographic map
  • Isotherm in thermodynamics, a curve on a p-V diagram for an isothermal process
    Isothermal process
    An isothermal process is a change of a system, in which the temperature remains constant: ΔT = 0. This typically occurs when a system is in contact with an outside thermal reservoir , and the change occurs slowly enough to allow the system to continually adjust to the temperature of the reservoir...

  • Moisture sorption isotherm
    Moisture sorption isotherm
    At equilibrium, the relationship between water content and equilibrium humidity of a material can be displayed graphically by a curve, the so called moisture sorption isotherm....

    a curve giving the functional relationship between humidity and equilibrium water content of a material for a constant temperature
  • Sorption isotherm
    Sorption isotherm
    A sorption isotherm describes the equilibrium of the sorption of a material at a surface at constant temperature. It represents the amount of material bound at the surface as a function of the material present in the gas phase and/or in the solution...

    a curve giving the functional relationship between adsorbate and adsorbent in a constant-temperature adsorption process
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