Isochronous cyclotron
In particle accelerator
Particle accelerator
A particle accelerator is a device that uses electromagnetic fields to propel charged particles to high speeds and to contain them in well-defined beams. An ordinary CRT television set is a simple form of accelerator. There are two basic types: electrostatic and oscillating field accelerators.In...

s an Isochronous cyclotron is a cyclotron that maintains a constant RF driving frequency, and compensates for the relativistic mass gain of the accelerated particles by alternating field gradient in space but constant in time. Isochronous cyclotrons are capable of producing much greater beam current than synchrocyclotron
A synchrocyclotron is a cyclotron in which the frequency of the driving RF electric field is varied to compensate for relativistic effects as the particles' velocity begins to approach the speed of light...


Isochronous cyclotrons require azimuthal variations in the field strength to provide a strong focusing
Strong focusing
In accelerator physics strong focusing or alternating-gradient focusing is the principle that the net effect on a particle beam of charged particles passing through alternating field gradients is to make the beam converge...

effect and keep the field captured.

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