Irish Birds
Irish Birds is the annual journal of BirdWatch Ireland
BirdWatch Ireland
BirdWatch Ireland is the current name of the organisation that used to be known as the Irish Wildbird Conservancy.BirdWatch Ireland is the leading voluntary conservation organisation in the Republic of Ireland, devoted to the conservation and protection of the Republic of Ireland's wild birds and...

. Its first issue was published in 1977, superseding the Irish Bird Report, which had been published from 1953 (number 1) to 1975 (number 23). Irish Birds publishes papers and notes on all aspects of birds in Ireland, as well as incorporating the annual Irish Bird Report and Irish Ringing Report.

The founding editor of Irish Birds was Clive Hutchinson (1977-1984). Subsequent editors have been Hugh Brazier (1985-1996), Brendan Kavanagh (1997-2000), and Stephen Newton (2001-).
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