Intrauterine Cannibalism
Intrauterine Cannibalism is the first studio album
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 by American
United States
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 brutal death metal band Malignancy
Malignancy (band)
Malignancy is a technical death metal band from Yonkers, New York formed in 1992.-Overview:Malignancy is recognized as one of the longest standing and well-known death metal bands in the New York death metal scene along with Incantation, Mortician and Suffocation.-History:Malignancy formed in...


Track listing

  1. "Rotten Seed" — 3:16
  2. "Intrauterine Cannibalism" — 1:42
  3. "Intestinal Sodomy" — 2:22
  4. "Internal Corruption" — 1:48
  5. "Profitable Extinction" — 2:54
  6. "Ignorance Is Bliss" — 3:39
  7. "Your Life Is Shit" — 2:28
  8. "Oral Excrement" — 2:17
  9. "Waterlogged Corpse" — 3:29
  10. "Cerebral Tissue Extraction" — 2:29
  11. "Fried Afterbirth" — 1:44
  12. "Post Fetal Depression" — 2:19
  13. "Bag" — 3:20
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